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MNM - WATCH OUT for Swollen limbs, DVTs, and Clots!!!

dvt blood clots pulmonary embolism blood thinners mnm

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#1 EpicNMN

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Posted 01 May 2019 - 04:16 AM

I'm about a month in with my new use of MNM at 500mg per day sublingual(ABN product). And I was ready to write a glowing report on 5lbs of weight loss, a tightening of my waistline, a SIGNIFICANT improvement in GI function, and overall better skin condition. The only downside being some feelings of tiredness the first two weeks of taking it.


BUT, I'm now recently home from a FUN hospital stay because of a severely camping and swelling left leg. Turns out I have a very large DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my left leg and have two Pulmonary Embolisms in my upper lungs now that broke off from that DVT.


There are many other things that I was doing that could have caused something like this including frequent NSAID use and testosterone treatment. But those have both been going on for years and the only thing new in my life is my NMN use.


So I'm not saying that is was the NMN exclusively and there is no test that could ever determine that post-facto. But it does make sense to me that if NMN is a near-miracle drug for vascular lining regeneration that a lot of plaque and clots from my vascular walls could be shed in this process. and it wouldn't take much to cause just the problems I have now...


Seems to me it could be a lot like cleaning your house pipes. You'll have healthier pipes in the long run but the shit you clean out has to go somewhere...


Happy to hear any feedback or comments and would like this to be a word of caution to WATCH out for swollen limbs and unusually cramping muscle. That could mean you have some blood clots and you need to get to the doc QUICK!!!

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#2 EpicNMN

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Posted 01 May 2019 - 05:38 PM

No way to edit posts huh... Anyways... NMN is what I meant in the title and post... To flustered to get NMN versus MnMs right ;) Just watch for swelling people!!!  

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