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progesterone, dhea & pregnenolone etc as nootropics


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#1 farshad

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Posted 09 July 2019 - 09:06 PM

Dehydroepiandrosterone Stimulates Nerve Growth Factor and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Cortical

Neurons https://www.hindawi....ps/2013/506191/


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) stimulates neurogenesis in the hippocampus of the rat, promotes survival of newly formed neurons and prevents corticosterone-induced suppression. https://www.ncbi.nlm...pubmed/12193187


Dehydroepiandrosterone increases the number and dendrite maturation of doublecortin cells in the dentate gyrus of middle age male Wistar rats exposed to chronic mild stress. https://www.ncbi.nlm...pubmed/28062256


Pregnenolone sulfate enhances neurogenesis and PSA-NCAM in young and aged hippocampus. https://www.ncbi.nlm...pubmed/15585350


Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis Modulation by the Membrane-Associated Progesterone Receptor Family Member Neudesin https://www.ncbi.nlm...les/PMC6275434/


Neurosteroid regulation of CNS development https://www.ncbi.nlm...les/PMC2386997/ & https://www.ncbi.nlm...pubmed/18771935


Estrogen enhances neurogenesis and behavioral recovery after stroke https://www.ncbi.nlm...les/PMC3049534/

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#2 GABAergic

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Posted 10 July 2019 - 02:15 AM

sadly, the form of Pregnenolone sulfate which actually has the best positive research is not available as supplement. you have to order from specialty chemical plants

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#3 farshad

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Posted 10 July 2019 - 09:01 AM


There is no need to take these directly. Majority of pregnenolone dose over 50mg converts to PS and if you take 5mg DHEA 2-3 times daily about 5mg of that will probably become DHEA-S. The sulfated versions are just longer term storage of the unsulfated steroids.

oh I just got a informative response on a other site from a person but is there such thing as progesterone sulfate because you can't take it orally can you?

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