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Starting Young and Healthy Regimen (+Feedback)

young supplements regimen

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#1 ancientshower

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Posted 26 July 2019 - 02:05 PM

For my second post here I'll post my approach and what I've learned from one of the younger posters on these forums (In relation, it seems)


I'm curious for feedback from other and I'll provide general data behind my approach soon





-Caucasian Male

-Early-Mid 20's

-5"8", ~135 Pounds. Alternate at most 140, sometimes down to 130. Highest ever weight was 150 for a year or two.

-Exercise 30 mins-1 Hour per day. I'm a runner typically (20 miles/week) although more recently I'll lower intensity in the heat. Athletic my entire life

-Do not smoke. Very rare alcohol consumption. Almost a Teetotaler

-Good health, dealt with some issues with depression and mood swings on previous diets and with sleep problems. Mostly attenuated now.

-Sleep issues; may have genetic DPSD (Delayed Sleep Phase disorder) however no genetic test and sleep study was impossible due to logistical problems.




-1mg Finasteride (Hair)

-1mg Metformin (Sometimes, on days I do not exercise, taken at night. Unsure about whether or not this is needed for me)




-.1% Adapalene (Skin)

-(Very Infrequently) 500mg Aspirin, taken in fasted state


Diet And Supplementation


Targets Per day:




-16 Hours fast-23 Hours. Very consistent with. I've noticed significant ad hoc health benefits with fasting, improved cognition and mood, along with increased endurance capacity being the most readily obvious.

-Some type of exercise. I'm sporadic and like to walk, run, bike in intervals.

-meals are mid-late afternoon or early evening, depending on schedule.


Dietary: Protein/mTor-> (Try to stay 10-15% protein macro, rarely eat more than 1 or 2 animal sources in a day)


-Coffee A.M.

-Sometimes Green tea or (Caffeine free) herbal teas in the p.m.


-(typically 5-6 days p/w) 1-3 eggs OR (1-2d)Salmon (Other meat, intermittently)

Rationale-Eggs are most nutrient dense food and invaluable for metabolic health. Only serious concern is TMAO accumulation, for the most part.

- 2-4 servings of green vegetables. Rotate Broccoli, Spinach, Asparagus and occasionally others.

-Legumes via Black Beans/Kidney Beans and/or Lentils. Excellent Micronutruent profiles (Particularly Folate in Beans). Lentils relatively low protein and work well with Spermidine.

- Bone Broth or Collagen/Glycine Supplement. Bone/Skin Health + Helping with Homocystein + Glutathione synthesis.

-Fruit via Blue/Strawberries and others. Sometimes Apple, Orange, Banana etc

-1-2 servings of Oats, old fashioned. Beta-Glucans are nice + micronutrient profile helps along with satiating effects.Magnesium rich inter alia

-(usually, 4-5 d/w 100-200 calories in Peanuts/Peanut Butter) For Resveratrol content and micronutrient profiles.


Others, Spices, Supplements:


-Sometimes add other vegetables at will; Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, Garlic, etc

-Frequent Olive Oil consumption with the above

-Dark Chocolate regularly

-Sometimes other nuts; Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Cashews

-Occasional Dairy Consumption


Maybe eat 1-2 items outside of this on a weekly basis depending on my schedule.



-Turmeric w/pepper (intermittently, in bone broth and with food)

-Salt/Potassium Blend

-Sometimes Cinnamon in Coffee/Oatmeal




-750mg Fish Oil w/Anaxthin (daily)

-4,000 Vitamin D (Daily)

-Collagen/Glycine (sometimes)

-B Complex (Sometimes)

-Resveratrol (500mg-1000mg)

-250mg Magnesium Citrate


(When needed; 3mg melatonin)






#2 Bruce Klein

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Posted 28 July 2019 - 02:33 PM

Thanks for sharing...  

and please keep the biomarker study in mind as we hope to create a measure of progress via regimes over time: 



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