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Zinc Overdose, Pooping lots of blood, corrosion of the gut, any advice?


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#1 Jesus is King

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Posted 31 October 2019 - 10:08 PM

So I felt a cold coming on yesterday, and I took NAC, Vitamin C, and stupidly 5 x zinc at 3 different times totally 15 tablets. I also got drunk yesterday on a lot of beer.


Anyway forward to today, I've been to the toilet 4 times now, each time pooping a lot of blood to the point where the the water was red, and was darkest red on the 4th poop.


Anyway my cold has pretty much gone. But I've probably done some damage to my gut. I also don't know whether I'm still zinc overdosed (or this is just the after damage), but I've eaten scrambled eggs today, drank a litre of milk, and taken 4 remegels as I've read phosphorous and calcium might help. Also I'm smoking cigarettes and ejaculated once to try and bring any excessive zinc down.


https://www.higherna...une-health/zinc << This is the zinc I took.


20mg Zinc (citrate), 1.25mg Copper (gluconate).


So I would have consumed 100mg of zinc 3 times yesterday, totalling 300mg zinc citrate.


​I also before I realised it was due to zinc, took 2 zma before going to sleep now, which is 20mg of zinc in the form of aspartate and l-monomethianine.


So any advice would be helpful on lowering my current zinc levels and healing my gut from corrosion. Most of the damage is probably already done, but any advice for recovery would be appreciated.


I felt a bit light headed today, but feel fine now. It was hard to tell whether it was from blood loss though, or being hungover and not having a great sleep.

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#2 Dorian Grey

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Posted 01 November 2019 - 05:01 AM

Looking at Wikipedia's Zinc toxicity https://en.wikipedia...i/Zinc_toxicity


and copper toxicity page https://en.wikipedia...Copper_toxicity


It would appear to me you might have more of a copper problem.  The zinc should have reduced absorption of copper, but high amounts of copper in the intestinal lumen may be problematic on its own.  Free/unbound copper is a powerful pro-oxidant, & far more toxic than zinc.  


Hopefully you've flushed it all down the toilet by now.  Hope you're feeling better.  

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#3 Jesus is King

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Posted 01 November 2019 - 12:42 PM

Cheers it seems like today there is no more blood in the toilet, thank God.

The good things to come out of this is I stopped my cold developing and now know not to megadose zinc (or copper) again if I get another cold in the future.

I also think because I took vitamin c and NAC at the same time these have shown to be pro oxidant together also. And drinking all that beer didn’t help either.

Anyway glad that episode is over, never pooped so much blood in my life.

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