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Biomarkers of Longevity: Current state, Challenges and Opportunities Landscape Overview 2019

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Posted 20 November 2019 - 10:49 AM






S O U R C E :    Aging Analytics Agency







“Biomarkers of Longevity: Current state, Challenges and Opportunities Landscape Overview 2019” is an open-access special analytical case study by Aging Analytics Agency that uses a comprehensive analytical framework to rank and benchmark existing panels of biomarkers of aging, health and Longevity according to their ratios of accuracy vs. actionability, identifying the panels of biomarkers that can have the greatest impact on increasing both individual and national Healthy Longevity in the next few years.

The use of biomarkers is an indispensable component of industry analytics and assessment. It is the foundation upon which measurement of Healthy Longevity and the effectiveness of P4 (Precision, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory) Medicine and Longevity therapeutics is built. The report is designed as an in-depth review of the state of the art in biomarkers of biological age to advise private and public sector participants effectively.
It was produced to offer a panoramic review of the global landscape of aging and Longevity biomarkers, containing selected lists, rankings and enhanced profiles wof more than 50 Single Biomarkers directly correlated with the trajectories of age-related diseases and syndromes, and exceeding 100 diverse biomarker panels for analytical data-driven comparisons that allow an optimal integration of multiple biomarkers for practical use, achieving highly actionable monitoring systems for healthcare, clinical practice, translational research, frontier developments that exploit the current conditioning of the rising Longevity industry, and the execution of public policies aiming to increase National Healthy Longevity that will result in a renaissance never seen before in economic and social dynamics.
In addition to their purely descriptive and analytical approaches, the report is designed to make key strategic recommendations, and to offer guidance regarding biomarker implementations, technologies and techniques within the reach of companies and nations today, in order to equip them with the tools necessary for optimizing their strategy and action plans, providing specialized guidelines for business, investment and policy decision making. The report will deliver a most comprehensive list of single biomarkers and biomarker panels of biological age together with extensive and enhanced profiles: their advantages, disadvantages, future perspectives, challenges and opportunities, with a focus on technologies currently used for assessment; concrete analysis of routine, advanced and novel biomarkers of aging, emerging tools and platforms, and insights about the impact of these biomarkers on health systems and clinical practice.
A special treatment tracing the role of Digital Biomarkers and AI platforms as necessary and indispensable components of the Longevity biomarker industry is also delivered, highlighting the fact that AI and data science are increasingly necessary to handle the increasing volume of biomarker, life and health data.
The parties who will have early access to this report will gain deep expertise on how they can optimize their clinics’ strategic, technological and scientific prospects in order to deliver the most sophisticated and comprehensive precision health products and services for their clients.
Following 14 first slides from a Teaser. You can also download the Full Report.
Page 1.jpg
Page 2.jpg
Page 3.jpg
Page 4.jpg
Page 5.jpg
Page 6.jpg
Page 7.jpg
Page 8.jpg
Page 9.jpg
Page 10.jpg
Page 11.jpg
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