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Could Nad+ repletion counter thymus involution?

thymus; nad+

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#1 male_1978

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Posted 17 December 2019 - 09:23 PM

I stumbeled across this paper:





They damaged the thymus with dioxin, leading to a fast thymus athropy. However, repletion of Nad+ with Nicotimanide Riboside seemed to prevent thymus involution in vivo in chicks. The activation of Sirt6 seems to play a major role here.





Thymus atrophy, an inevitable manifestation of human aging, is thought to contribute to increased autoimmunity and decreased responses to infection in aging adults44, but there has been surprisingly little attention to forestalling age-related thymus atrophy. The discoveries here that decreased NAD+ has a pathogenic role in thymus atrophy by TCDD and that NAD+ repletion can prevent thymus atrophy provide a basis for investigating the role of NAD+ in thymus atrophy in aging. Further, evidence that declining NAD+ levels accompany human aging45 provides additional impetus to investigate the contribution of exposure to AhR-activating environmental toxicants to adverse effects of aging.




Btw. i am no doctor and i would like to hear your thoughts on this! Could Nad-Repletion be a way to keep the thymus youthful? 

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