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health resurrection eternal life tissue reconstruction dna manipulation

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#1 tarcisio

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Posted 23 December 2019 - 11:59 PM

Good night.
I have a very great interest in immortality, in finding ways to prolong life indefinitely.  What do you think about the possibilities of resurrection from a scientific point of view? Are there resources for this? A person who has died returning to life, either through DNA manipulation, either through tissue and organ reconstruction or otherwise? I appreciate the group's attention.

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#2 Oakman

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Posted 24 December 2019 - 02:50 PM

Welcome! As to your question, it would seem we, as a species, need to learn methods to prolong life beyond normal bounds, and keep life from expiring naturally, well before trying to return dead things to a living state. I mean, it seems only reasonable to crawl before attempting walking, as the saying goes.

#3 tarcisio

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Posted 27 December 2019 - 02:35 AM

Yes. Mr. Oakman.
Your argument makes sense. I proposed this issue because I see that science itself has already made up some possibilities about it, although in very restricted situations, considering a very short period after the so-called clinical death, as samuel Tisherman and Peter Rhee have been testing. Cryogenics consider a future period, not yet determined. I would really like it to be possible to discover a way to bring to life people who have died many years ago, like 4.5 or even 10 years. But that possibility is still remote, I recognize.


Thanks for your opinion. 

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#4 seivtcho

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Posted 17 January 2020 - 10:19 PM

Resurrection (in the form that I think you are imagining it), "from a scientific point of view" in people is very much under development.


Currently some people, who have died can be revived very soon after the death by cardio-pulmonal resustitation. But the resustitation has to start very fast after the death, and depending on the cause of the death, the resurrection and the treatment after that are not always successfull.


Resurrection can be achieved after cryopreservation. "Freezing" and thawing back to life. There are some species, that can do it. In people it is successfull only in embryos. Cryopreservation and successfull thawing of embryos is being practiced in the invitro fertilisation centers in many countries arround the world.



Here the scentific successes end and starts the science fiction. And the things that the science of the future may bring.


The first resurrection ideas that I have heared of  is the mumification practice in Ancient Egypt. As far as I know, the egyptians believed, that if they manage to preserve the corpse and do the magical rituals, there will come a time when the magick will be able to resurrect them.


Currently cryonicists believe, that if they protect their bodies from decomposition in -196,5 C (the temperature of the liquid nitrogen), there will come a time when the science will be advances enough to resurrect them, and they will be able to be resurrected back to life.


There are also the such called "cryonics alternatives" which include the mumification mentioned above and different types lets name them chemical preservations.


Depending on what do you mean by resurrection, there are people, who believe, that they are the information, stored in their brain. They pretend, that protecting chemically their brain from destruction, there will come a time when the information in it will be able to be downloaded into a computer. Actually the human brain can be stored as a permanent exponate, and the connections between the neurons to be stored indefinately in room temperature. Furthermore the brain can be sliced into very thin slices, which can be scanned, and the connections between the neurons to be 3D-modelled. The problem here is that currently there is no computer, that to be powerfull enough to run a neural network with the size of an entire human brain.


I have met another resurrection metod based on the determinism. This method currently have no supporters, and is being critisized from everywhere. There is a topic on that in the philosophy and immortalism forum. I have decided not to comment anymore about it, and keep my newer views on it, if there are such, solely for me. But if you wish browse, search, read.


Another way, again, depending on what do you think resurrection is, is to store personal information about you - everything - pictures, videos, thoughts, hand writting etc., etc., and the hope is that some day your personal identity will be "rebuilt" on the bases of the "traces" that you have stored about you.


Some people believe, that cloning is resurrection. In this case, you can simply store fibroblasts from you in liquid nitrogen, and wait until the human cloning becomes safe, secure and legal procedure. 


Somewhere between the science fiction and the insanity is the use of time travel for resurrection.


I have heared also other braver and more dareing ideas about how can we be resurrected, but they contain so few science, that they are at least on the edge with the insanity. I am too tired now to list them, but if you wish I will list them in the next days.


Thats all methods I have heared about resurrection. Hope it is usefull.



Edited by seivtcho, 17 January 2020 - 10:28 PM.

#5 tarcisio

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 12:25 AM

Good night, seivtcho.
I really enjoyed your explanation. You're really well informed. Unfortunately, I am forced to admit that really the resurrection is still a controversial topic and is not very accessible to us.
Maybe in the future...
Yes, I would like to know more about the resurrection based on determinism, for I do not know. And I'd be very grateful if you'd list other possible resurrection methods you know when you have time.
At least out of curiosity, I've been investigating this matter. But I admit there's still a lot of science fiction around him.
Thank you for your participation, buddy!

#6 seivtcho

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Posted 19 January 2020 - 06:51 AM

The edge of insanity ideas I have met


The RRA: Once I met online a man, named James Henes. He strongly believes, that the people from the future will resurrect us if we have images of ourselves facing celestial bodies, and mainly the sun. He makes pictures of himself facing the sun in order to be resurrected. He also has a project named "The Resurrection Recovery Agency" or RRA. For some strange reason his agency is a music group, where he sings amateour music.


Resurrecting by autobiography: While asking old people how do they live, I met a 99 years old guy who was believing that saving an incomplete autobiography of his i bot a form of immortality and a possible resurrection method. He made me take a hand written from him strange type of very incomplete and strange autobiography containing folk soings written about him, stories, based on events on his life.


Resurrection by God: The people, who believe in God think, that they have a promissed resurrection. How, when etc., remains unexplained.


Recording your mind in the elctromagnetic field of the Earth: A guy I met believes, that by doing periodically same things you record yourself in the electromagnetic field and you are creating a some sort of a ghost of you.


Thats all. But I would not take for serious the above.


#7 tarcisio

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Posted 23 January 2020 - 11:16 PM


I didn't really know about these supposed ways of resurrection.
But they are very interesting. I will research more about them.
I also think that many of these forms are fanciful, have no scientific or concrete basis.
It all shows how much we humans want to live forever, we are afraid of death. We need to rely on something and we end up creating methods, however strange they may seem.
Death is really a terrible thing. I think so. But I would not like to "invent" forms of resurrection. I would like to discover something effective. However, this discovery still seems remote, unfortunately. The sweet hope of coming back to life, as we can see, is still a strong resource that people cling to in order to overcome death. Before, it was more associated with religion, but today it has exceeded these limits.

Thank you my friend. Your information was very useful and I will study these examples further.

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