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dhea, DHT, dheas confusion

dht dhea dheas

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Posted 03 March 2020 - 02:34 AM

I’ve been experimenting with TRT given very low levels. Also looking at all hormones consequently.

Testosterone itself isn’t giving me much of an effect really. The sides are weird too, makes me drowsy, messes with my appetite. I also tried 0.5mg anastrazole a few days ago just to test whether I’m excess raising estrogen; it just made me feel weirdly weak in my bones.

On the other hand I’m getting something out of DHEA. Tried pregnenolone last week and it briefly roofed my libido, before terrible anxiety set in. Thinking it might be cortisol, tried 25mg dhea today (non micronized so less bioavailable). Once again, massively ups libido and I get what a think a test boost ought to feel like (immediately harder/tender muscles for example). Things I didn’t get from T.

So my guess now is that with dhea, I’m getting a conversion to DHT. Which I wouldn’t get just by ramming T into my bloodstream, rather providing steroid precursors into the stomach is effecting something.

But I’ve read here that dhea is a dirty way to go about this, as it may raise estrogens also. I’m terrified of side effects given I already have mild gyno.

Also, my DHEAS levels are already high. So why would I need DHEA or why would I feel an effect? Unless I’m low in dhea because it’s becoming dheas which is hormonal Lu inert. Why that’s happening...ummm...

Is one way around this to supplement DHT? Do such supplements exist?
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