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everyone knows MK4 and MK7 versions of K2. There are additionally MK6, MK8, and MK9


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#1 ironfistx

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Posted 26 March 2020 - 11:57 PM

Well, I saw a new maybe product by Life Extension called Super K Elite, which has not only K1, but K2 MK4, MK6, MK7, and MK9.  When I saw this I got pondering, because I had never heard of these other kinds before.


In my search, I found this promotional article for a K supplement, which discusses a little about the different kinds of K2, and says that Life Extension Super K, not Elite, had the bad form of MK7.


Nevertheless, they have fixed this in present versions.




There are pics of the results on this page.


Why I stopped taking the most popular K2 supplement and formulated our own

For several years, I took and recommended Life Extension’s Super K formula. It has both MK-4 + MK-7 and the price is right. Not surprisingly, it was and still is the most popular K2 supplement in America.

But then I sent Life Extension Super K formula to the lab in Norway can measure both cis and trans isomers of MK-7.

I was not pleased with the result.

Only about a quarter of the MK-7 was in the preferred trans form. The label says 200 mcg of MK-7. Only 54.8 mcg of that is trans MK-7. That meant I’d have to take four pills to get 200 mcg of MK-7 and that would give me way too much K1.

What if the lab in Norway was wrong?

Just to be sure, I sent another Life Extension K2 bottle to Eurofins Lab here in California. The result was almost identical – this time, they found 53.5 mcg of trans MK-7 per pill, about a quarter of what is declared on the label.

So I stopped taking the Life Extension K2 and switched to Nutrigold K2. I trust Nutrigold but I tested their product too for cis/trans ratio and they, as promised, were selling all-trans MK-7. But their product is missing critical MK-4.


Here's a post showing different versions of MK in various foods:





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what do these other forms do and must be have them?

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#2 ironfistx

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Posted 29 March 2020 - 11:17 PM

maybe they don't do much:


MK6, MK8 and MK9 - that are practically inactive.



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