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wellbutrin trt

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#1 experimenting

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Posted 29 March 2020 - 03:40 PM

Many of you know I’ve been battling issues for forever, CFS and brain fog related, with NOTHING appearing wrong on labwork except a low d3 level and low testosterone level.

Megadosing d3 made a big difference, however, requires huge doses of K2 just to avoid hypercalcemia and the side effect profile means this isn’t really working for me.

At this stage I’m giving in to the possibility that its a psychiatric issue, and have started seeing a psychiatrist. Obviously, he sees all things through the lens of mental issues and suggests a trial of medication.

Considering Wellbutrin, because my issues are low libido, low arousal, low motivation, rather than high anxiety.

My libido is very important to me, and through various experimentation have realized that this is one of my core problems. I just haven’t been “into” the opposite sex like a should (or others are). There are zero physical difficulties though. This is what a short trial of TRT taught me, which is that I could achieve erection and function extremely well with long duration (45 minutes plus, which also happens when I megadose d3) but not really enjoy the whole thing.

Because libido is important I’m terrified of SSRI and the anecdotal reports that Wellbutrin can massively improve sex life make it appealing to me.

I have tried dopaminergics before (uridine) and they didn’t do a lot for me though. Maybe this has a totally different MOA. Or quite possibly something is wrong with me on the glutamate/gaba axis.

Anyway curious what everyone’s thoughts are.

One thing I will note on my 2 week trial of TRT is that the spontaneous erections and such have removed one dimension of my depression, namely the feelings of inadequacy. But I don’t think this is the be all end all cure at all. Also it’s suppressive and lifelong which I’m not really willing to embark upon. Annoyingly in the US you can’t get things like Proviron which are massively safer.

Anyone have any thoughts?

#2 Heinsbeans

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Posted 05 April 2020 - 07:47 AM

Wellbutrin, modafinil or Cymbalta are all possible candidates for fatigue. Which one you'll respond the best will be determined by your own neurochemistry.

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