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Low Ceruloplasmin

inflammation ceruloplasmin ulcerative colitis depression anhedonia anxiety wellbutrin bupropion

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Posted 08 January 2020 - 09:41 PM

This is a little random but hoping some knowledgeable members on here could help me fit some pieces together potentially. Also will post a more comprehensive story in another thread.




I've had a long battle this past year with an autoimmune inflammatory condition (ulcerative colitis) and some subsequent severe depression/anxiety after a flare in march. I have since gotten all the inflammation and markers under control and am in remission now as far as I know - will be confirmed with a scope in the next couple months.


I was put on Wellbutrin to help with some lingering anxiety and to smooth out mood temporarily for a little while. That venture started out okay for the first couple weeks but slowly progressed to worsening symptoms of depression, severe brain fog, zero sex drive, zero erectile function, mood swings, you name it. Basically all of my symptoms got worse.


Quit the wellburtin on October 12th and have slowly been doing better since but its been a slow recovery.




SO - in addition to all the things I've been working through to address symptoms (hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammation, etc), my doc found a very low ceruloplasmin level on my blood work by accident (first test was 8mg/dl on November 20th and the second test was 9mg/dl this past week - normal range 15-30 roughly). Every other test for Wilsons disease has been negative and I have no other symptoms as far as Wilsons so I believe it is copper deficiency and started supplementing with 3mg chelated copper daily.


At this point I believe it is impacting me due as far as mood, motivation, and my other symptoms this past year because copper is involved in the conversion of dopamine to NE but would anyone have any guess as to why its low otherwise? Any suggestions would be helpful.





Had a lot of depression, anhedonia, anxiety this past year due to Ulcerative Colitis. Now getting back to normal but working to fade out mild anhedonia still and have low ceruloplasmin on blood work that I do not believe is due to Wilsons or Menkes. Trying to think of any other possible causes at this point.


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