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BCAA in a faster state = muscle loss

bcaa fasting strength training

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#1 Yodaflip

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Posted 03 May 2020 - 05:06 PM

i came across this link https://builtwithsci...bcaas-benefits/

It suggests that taking BCAAs while fasting :

Decreases protein synthesis
Increases protein breakdown
Interferes with the absorption of amino acids

Longecity seems to be neutral on BCAAs
A lot of studies and info out there suggests intra workout BCAA supplementation does just the opposite and helps prevent muscle loss while trying to lose weight

My personal theory is that for hard prolonged workouts are hybrid activities that combine cardio with strength they are useful for recovery (ie swimming and high rep
Calithestinics, boxing,grappling) but for normal strength training they are useless.

I can accept waisting money on them as long as I get the benefit of additional amino acids in my day but I’m fasting during the day right now to lose weight and my buddy said it looked like I’ve lost muscle so I decided BCAAs would help prevent this (in combination with increased protein intake when I eat)

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