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Antioxidant TEMPOL permanently cured my psoriasis


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Posted 18 May 2020 - 04:55 PM

The antioxidant tempol, at a dose of 30 mg daily taken sublingually, permanently cured a 3 inch size circular patch of psoriasis near my ankle after 10 days (a patch which I had for several years).


Tempol mimics the effect of the body's natural antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD), and one study found that in psoriasis, SOD activity is low — see here.


So my guess is that by augmenting SOD activity, tempol cured my psoriasis.


It's interesting that this was a permanent cure: I tried many other psoriasis natural treatments, like for example aloe vera. These helped, but when I stopped the treatment the psoriasis returned. Whereas when I took tempol, this made my psoriasis completely disappear after 10 days, and when I stopped taking tempol, the psoriasis never came back. And it has not returned for several years.


When I first tried tempol some years ago, the cost then was around $40 for 1 gram. But now 10 grams of tempol powder can be bought for $20 at https://science.bio.


So it's a cheap treatment. Typically daily doses are in the range of 10 mg to 100 mg, taken sublingually (rubbed in under the tongue), and better still, also rubbed into the mucous membranes of your inside mouth cheeks (the mouth has lots of absorbent mucous membrane areas).


Tempol is also called 4-hydroxy-TEMPO.


Some info about tempol found here: http://tempol.info/tempol/ 

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