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Some questions about C60


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#1 mister_blue

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Posted 14 June 2020 - 05:48 PM

Dear all,


I'm fairly new to the forum, and fairly new to the anti-aging world (about 6 months in). Many of you are quite knowledgeable and experienced and I'd love to receive your opinion on the following questions:


- How long does the C60 actually stay in the body ? I've read from 97h (Baati) to 2 years (Ian Mitchell).


- I take NR+Resverastrol (LEF) daily. I want to stay on the conservative side of anti-aging supplements, so C60 is not my priority, but I was thinking of taking one bottle (1 tea spoon a day for 30 days) every 3-6 months. I've read that NR + C60 might have undesirable interaction. Do you have advice for a proper rotation ? I've read on this forum: stop NR 24h before taking, then wait 3-4 days after the last dose of C60 before starting NR again.


- Do we know anything about an interaction between C60 and CBD ? I would have the same question with NR and CBD too.


- This question is more difficult to answer and possibly edited by a moderator, I did order my C6000 from myvitalC (owned by SES Research) but after reading on this forum I am considering throwing it away and ordering from Vaughter or C360 (Ian Mitchell's company)


Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge !


#2 Nietzsche

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Posted 15 June 2020 - 06:23 PM

Regarding NR + c60, you might want to browse through Turnbuckle's threads on "manipulating mitochondrial dynamics" as well as his "Stem cell self-renewal with C60" thread. Even if you don't adopt those specific protocols at this time, both threads have pages of a good deal of background information that you may find useful, including some of the postulated reasons why c60 may not go well with NR.


Some around here have had some negative experiences combining c60 with NR, myself included. The combination just didn't feel right. What dose of NR are you taking?


I don't know of any evidence regarding CBD and c60 one way or the other. It is unlikely that there is any such data, given the nature of what we're talking about here. Anecdotally, I've used c60 and CBD without issue, though I tend to be very conservative with c60. I use NR in my stack regularly, and I consume cannabis products of all varieties, including CBD, daily without issue.


Best of luck to you.

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#3 mister_blue

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Posted 15 June 2020 - 08:05 PM

Thanks a ton, Nietzsche. I did start browsing those two threads this morning,they are fascinating yet at the moment they are above my level of understanding. I did plan to re-read them.


I take 300mg of NR in the morning, with 100mg Resverastrol, while doing intermittent fasting.


It's quite basic, but have so much to learn still.



Edited by mister_blue, 15 June 2020 - 08:07 PM.

#4 jroseland

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Posted 14 September 2020 - 12:50 PM

I took a C60/CBD combo product for a little while, I go some great sleep on it - not much else to report.

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