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N-Acetyl L-Tryptophan - NK1R Antagonist and Tryptophan Precursor - Group Buy?

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#1 Targz

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Posted 27 July 2020 - 02:45 AM

This (https://onlinelibrar....1111/jnc.13190) article details the biological effects of an N-Acetylated analog of L-Tryptophan which, not only improves BBB penetration while avoiding the cardiotoxic effects of 5-HTP, but also has effects of its own, antagonizing the NK1R, which is the receptor responsible for pain. NK1R antagonists show antidepressant, anxiolygic, and analgesic effects, and could be huge for people with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.
According to preliminary results on rodents from this patent (https://patentimages...7/US4299838.pdf), NALTRP also potentiates psychostimulants.

Is anyone interested in synthesizing/participating in a group buy? This is not a difficult synth, merely L-Tryptophan and Acetic Anhydride (which is unfortunately a DEA list-2 chemical, but wouldn't be hard to procure for someone working in a lab).


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