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Cow/sheep testicular powder is used in China - any data on this regarding test boost?


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#1 gintrux

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Posted 31 July 2020 - 11:54 AM

Maybe I didn't look that deep into anabolic compounds, but I had never heard of animal's testicles being used as a supplement until today.
I saw this compound in china - testicle powder. Usage for "neurasthenia" implies higher vitality as a result of the substance.
(used google translate)




Each tablet of this product contains 0.2g of testicular powder, which is made from healthy and undeteriorated fresh or frozen cow and sheep testicles.
This product is sugar-coated tablet or film-coated tablet, after removing the coating, it will show light yellow to light yellow brown.
Function category
Andrology medication
It is used for neurasthenia, premature old age, impotence, and menopausal disorders.
Oral, 2-3 tablets at a time, three times a day or as directed by a doctor.
Adverse reactions
There are no reports of adverse reactions.
1. Pregnant women and women who may become pregnant during treatment are prohibited. 2. Male patients suspected of having or suffering from prostate cancer or breast cancer and prostatic hypertrophy are contraindicated. 3. It is forbidden for infants and children before the developmental period. 4. Prohibited for patients with liver dysfunction.
1. Women and pre-pubertal children can cause virilization. Male signs of virilization develop prematurely. 2. The use of large amounts of androgens can reduce the concentration of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and increase the concentration of low-density lipoprotein (LDt).
Medication for pregnant and lactating women
Use during pregnancy may cause virilization of female fetuses and precocious puberty in male fetuses.
Child medication
This product is forbidden for infants and children before puberty.
Elderly medication
medicine interactions
1. When combined with adrenal cortex hormones, especially mineralocorticoids, it can increase the risk of edema. 2. Combined use of ACTH or glucocorticoid can accelerate the production of acne. 3. Reduce the dosage of this product when combined with dicoumarins or indandione derivatives, because androgens can reduce the concentration of coagulation factor precursors and enhance the effect of anticoagulants. 4. When combined with oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin, you must pay close attention to the occurrence of hypoglycemia, and adjust the dosage of hypoglycemic drugs and insulin if necessary. 5. When combined with drugs with hepatotoxicity, it can aggravate the damage to the liver, especially when using this product for a long time. 6. When this product is used in combination with cyclosporine A, the blood concentration of the latter increases, which increases nephrotoxicity.
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Androgen drugs. According to reports in the literature, this product is a androgen drug prepared from healthy and undeteriorated fresh or frozen cattle and sheep testicles: androgens are steroid hormones, which are mainly secreted by the male testicles. It is different from the early embryonic stage and different for men. The growth period plays an important physiological role. Androgens play a key role in the sexual differentiation of male fetuses. During the sound spring period, androgens make the penis grow, promote the growth of beard, pubic hair and axillary hair, sperm production and maturation, and can promote the proliferation and secretion of sebaceous glands, and the growth of the larynx, causing the voice to become deep, increase the growth of skeletal muscles, and have a negative effect on bones. Promote growth; in addition, androgens have an excitatory effect on normal hematopoietic cells, which can increase the production and effect of erythropoietin, and directly stimulate red blood cell stem cells, increase protein synthesis, reduce protein degradation in the body and reduce urine nitrogen excretion.


Turns out testicles as a food is a real thing! https://en.wikipedia...sticles_as_food
India and Pakistan

In India and Pakistan, goat testicles and kidneys are mashed up and cooked on a Tava. The dish is called Gurda-Kapoora. In Lahore, the dish is called Kata-kat.[9]

United States

In the United States, bull testicles are usually served breaded and deep-fried as an appetizer, under the name "Rocky Mountain oysters".[10]


Buffalo, boar or bulls testicles known as criadillas are breaded and fried;[11] In tortilla Sacromonte, a speciality from Granada, lambs brains and testicles are cooked in an omelette.[12]

Bulls testicles is commonly called "Ngầu pín". It is a very common food as it is believed to increase men's sexual ability.


Main point of this thread, could this be a more safe alternative to boost testosterone, masculinity, virility than anabolic steroids?


#2 Rocket

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Posted 06 August 2020 - 01:05 AM

You've never heard of mountain oysters?
Also steroids only work when you exercise and eat large amounts of protein... Unless you are looking for water weight gain that goes away when you stop.
What does increased masculinity even mean?
Eat right. Train right.

Edited by Rocket, 06 August 2020 - 01:07 AM.

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