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ILA announces the call for the Longevity Activism Prize

longevity activism longevity month

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#1 ilia

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Posted 03 August 2020 - 11:40 AM

*The International Longevity Alliance announces the Longevity Activism Prize. Applications are due by November 10, 2020*
As part of the "International Longevity Month" campaign of October, the International Longevity Alliance (ILA) will award prizes for the most creative and most impactful works for raising public awareness about the healthy longevity cause, with a focus on promoting scientific longevity research and therapy development and application. These can be online longevity conferences and podcasts, works of art of any kind, short videos and media, educational and inspirational texts, apps, games and memes, websites and pages, advocacy campaigns – anything that can help raise public awareness and support for the longevity cause.
Three prizes will be awarded for the most creative and effective promotions: The first prize (3,000 $), Second prize (1,000 $), Third prize (5 books about Life Extension).
You are welcome to send preliminary suggestions, ideas and plans to the ILA board at any time, but the prizes will be awarded for the actual promotional actions performed toward and during the October “Longevity Month” campaign.
Looking forward to hearing about you and your actions, and receiving your longevity activism and awareness prize applications.
Contact the ILA board: info@longevityalliance.org
Application details at the ILA site:


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#2 ilia

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Posted 09 October 2020 - 11:07 AM

A followup for those who may be interested to participate: Only one more month, until November 10, remains to submit your report about your longevity activism and awareness raising actions during the longevity month of October, for a chance to win the Longevity Activism Prize. The first prize is $3000, the second prize is $1000. Also welcome to spread the word about this competition and engage others! Let this competition help boost longevity activism and awareness worldwide! Details of the prize competition are below. Thanks!


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#3 ilia

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Posted 20 November 2020 - 04:48 PM

The International Longevity Alliance announces the winners of the first of its kind prize Competition to support longevity activism, advocacy and raising public awareness about longevity research.



A good number of submissions were made from around the world by leading longevity activist organizations and individuals. It was difficult to make the decisions, as all the contributions were excellent and beneficial for the longevity movement worldwide. All were done by dedicated, creative and effective longevity activists and educators. The main prize can be the actual activities performed. Nonetheless, several activism projects were selected. The decisions were mainly based on the awareness impacts that the projects made in the particular areas, people’s involvement, especially during the October Longevity Month Campaign, but also taking into account the past record of longevity activism and encouraging activism development for the future. 


And the winners are (see details about the winners and their projects):



First prize: Mikhail Batin and Anastasia Egorova – Open Longevity, Russia.   

Second prize: Andreas Kabus – Longevity Germany.

Third prize: Jose Cordeiro – Singularity Madrid, Spain. 


There were many excellent submissions by activists, including several less familiar actors in the longevity community, who nonetheless showed a significant potential to develop longevity activism, now and for the future. Hence a new prize category was established: "the breakthrough longevity activism prize" for emerging and promising longevity activism projects and actors. 


The four winners of the Breakthrough Longevity Activism Prize are:


Aftab Ahmad - Pakistan Aging Research Society and National Academy of Young Scientists.

Agbolade Omowole - Longevity Nigeria.

Josiah Akinloye - Enlightenment Transhumanist Forum of Nigeria.

Youness Erraiba - For Bladi Association, Longevity Research Support, Morocco.


In addition, recognition and commendation are given to the other participants:


Avinash Kumar Singh and Sarah Ahamed - India Future Society, India.

Alexander Shishparenok - the Open Science – Gerontology, Russia.

Roc Ordman - Nutrition Investigator, USA.

Tony Bernstein - Portal Terceira Idade, The Third Age Portal, Brazil.


Congratulations and thanks to all the winners and participants! The aim of this competition was not to “select the best”, but to encourage more longevity activism. We hope this prize has contributed to this aim and we hope this tradition will continue. The competition showed that longevity activism, even in this difficult period, is alive and actively working for its vital mission to build up public support for more longevity science, for a better, more healthy and resilient future for all of us. Hopefully, more longevity activism will be done in the future. And hopefully, more support, both human and other resources, will be given to longevity activism, to enable it to succeed in its mission. 


In the name of the ILA board

Ilia Stambler

Didier Coeurnelle


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