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Nootropics to optimise Ritalin/Concerta?

ritalin concerta nootropics add ahdh

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#1 Robinvanpersie

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Posted 10 August 2020 - 07:03 PM

I will be taking either Ritalin or Concerta from next week and forward for ADD purposes (primarily focus, motivation, planning)


What nootropics/supplements do you think would be beneficial to take along with it? 


I'm thinking of taking this:


Lion's Mane, to increase the chances of making the habits and behaviours I'll be implementing during this time (such as meditation, exercise, planning, reading) long lasting.


Uridine, to balance the down-regulation of the dopamine receptors that seem to occur with these meds.


Selank (Someone said this would be nice to have during the come-down)


L-tyrosine, to help my body produce more dopamine.


Bromantane, to help my body to permanently produce more dopamine as well as helping me to be more methodical in my thinking.


Thanks in advanced!

#2 mdtanos

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Posted 01 September 2020 - 01:01 PM

Would like to know if ritalin stacks well with piracetam and or noopept!

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