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Where are DYI and Nootropic Users spending their time; private contact now Medical Doctor

private hospital medical action physician relation employment nootropics friends and contacts

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Posted 14 August 2020 - 08:22 PM

Hey Imminst,

With exciting news my medical friend based in Europe has completed their medieval degree programme and very proud they have obtained their accomplishment and will have a gainful employment direction and the ability to use a meaningful discipline. Over our relation, have been welcoming and assistance in supporting his economic obligations relating his medical debits, and loans required to maintain his activities as a medical student and soon practice physician in the coming year(s). The past several 3-4 years have been spent with personal developments relating employment and professional development and gave had difficult times spending time with my medical and science interests outside of employment.

Time with programming and analytical applications in digitally based projects. I secured a moderate amount of funding from state development program from my local employment agency. ($5,000) and found a school (professional vocational) facility that had workplace standard material and programs. After initial interview at the academy, decided to take a 3 course programme for ‘professional development / continual education’, and remained very pleased about their material and the additional benefit that the course would bring my professional development and with an average salary of $85,000.00 was looking to increase my salary potential and development ability to seek employment in additional areas of industry and professional practice. I didn’t mind assisting my medical student contact with his financial obligations as they aware initially no more than $7,000-$9,000 and that amount was no more than 2-3 months of acceptable saving practice, and with the benefit that my close contact would have his medical degree was very important and from a script training institution with encompassing material would surly enable professional development.

He eventually wants to start a personal private practice and treat / manage attending patients. Ever since my time in K-12, academic aware of the medical sciences and the domains of nootropics in application to personal developments, employment interest, and time spent on my personal well-being, and at time which I wasn’t a smoker and spent time in my place of work developing relations with clients and maintain my personal; pleasure outside the work place with my close friends back at home. We had spent time with different supplements and Solent time reviewing and researching different supplemental agents in the betterment of the emotional state, physical appearance, physician performance, and of course development and augmentation of the mind and intellectual developments. Late nights with casual marijuana smoke sessions were useful when reflecting once trailing passages relating the Mind’s I, and intense experiences of the subconscious.

As an avid user of the sciences, was very directed in the practice of pharmacy and with such passion to complete my doctorate of pharmacy to peruse professional avenues in the biotech, pharmaceutical field; specifically as a pharmaceutical lasion. I wanted a quick moving employment interest with travel and in a respected industry that fit my personality and income demands with an integrative social element as I enjoyed communication with clients and customers and chose to pursue becoming a pharmaceutical lasion due to my underlying interest in economics, business, and other commercial interests that would compliment my intellectual interest in the pharmaceutical spaces.

A moderate unexpected event occurred which resulted in a psych hospitalization with psychotropics which ultimately affected performance and set back my academic aspirations and professional development. However, I did retain the ability to interface with technology and applications and have sufficient experiences and knowledge that allows me to support secondary employment avenues. The medication promoted lead to performance issues during my academic years and withdrew from my studies while I spent time with legal considerations, continuation of my personal pleasure, and employment was an active way to release my effective stressors and allow time exploring alternative avenues which aligned with my personal interests.


Regardless, as a young male fast approaching my 30 year old birthday; I’m seeking information and contact connections with other DYI / Nootropic user while maintaining an active and emotionally supportive relation. Mentioned in several paragraphs above, a private medical space with supportive therapy and awaken mind with productive time in employment engagement, late night desk work which provides my financial support, or a standard cubicle which provided intellectual engagement and time away from the busy demands of the normal busy world. As yet to compound, my best friend from the United States as a victim of an automobile and has been distance since crash incident. Thankfully during our more young years has a very strong relation and engagement, elated when around each other, and always had something entertaining to contemplate, and the added benefit that my parent’s allowed him to stay in my private bedroom was an added benefit to have my contact around. The large background of my private residence in Michigan had a private pool, the excitement of a commercial rail line ran through my backyard, and the city public school district was across the street with close access to the football field, tennis yard, and trails to take late night walks.

Anyway – I’m looking to spend time with my professional minded contacts and want to maintain my development in employment and clinical applications of my pharmaceutical and intellectual pursuits. I’m normally in a healthy state and already misdirected about medical therapy, augmentative and supportive treatments that align with my personal developments, medication and applicable treatment plans as a healthy individual, exploration of new medical techniques effective in longevity and augmentative performance based practices. And I have yet to obtain my private aviation / pilot license which has been a long due aspiration and close obtainment.

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