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could c60 be illegal in the future


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#1 orion22

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Posted 02 March 2021 - 10:03 AM

could c60 be illegal to buy  in the future or maybe you will need  a to have a s prescription like metformin

in my country nobody is producing c60 will be hard to get it if its declared illegal 

and could this happen to another supplement that could be discovered in the future 

some may say its crazy to worry about this but i was worrying about pandemics in the years prior to 2020 seams i wasn't crazy 



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#2 sensei

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Posted 02 February 2022 - 04:41 PM

1. Highly unlikely.

2. It's not clear what exactly is responsible for the effects seen in Baati. I lean more toward oleocanthal in the olive oil as the primary driver, not the C60.

3. It's an industrial chemical (quite widespread,and useful) so it would be hard to make it illegal.

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