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Semax: New Unique Info and detailed FAQ

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Posted 13 March 2021 - 05:33 PM

Hi Guys!

There is one piece of information that I wanted to share with you.
And this is what we have been doing over the last several weeks.
We have a unique, practical and well-structured material about Semax.
We’ve done our best to correctly answer the most topical questions that are frequently being raised by both nootropic newbies and hardcore enthusiasts users on r/nootropics, r/peptides and in some other forums. We’ve gone through a lot of info, translated a bunch of Russian sources and covered many topics from the standpoint of on-label administration.
• What is Semax?
• Who developed Semax
• Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic of Semax
• Safety profile of Semax and possible side effects
• Differences between Semax® 1% and Semax® 0.1%
• On-label use vs off-label use: how Semax® is used in Russia and how it is used in the USA
• All questions about storage conditions and packaging of Semax
• Other forms of Semax and their differences: N Acetyl Semax, N Acetyl Semax
• Amidate and Adamax
• Why is Semax not approved in the USA by the FDA?
• Legal status of Semax
• Semax and Selank: what are the differences?
We feel that this material can be interested to both nootropic newbies and hardcore enthusiasts alike.


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