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Mitosens 2020 report what are the results (mouse gene therapy)

mitosens sens aubrey de grey

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Posted 14 October 2021 - 04:37 AM

now that there is a mitosens company (likely based on SENS technology) it is possible to figure out how they can make more money.

I perceive from the SENS 2020 annual report that they are about or are currently raising live genetically modified mice right bow (October, 2020); putting the mice on video their whole lives shows how effective the spreadsheet numbers area in a very understandable way, perhaps they are actively circling their cages and voluntarily using the exercise wheel more in a fast time lapse way that has human interest . Imaginably, at its cheapest acceptable version 3 cameras with SD card (if phones and velcro and 32Gb SD does it that's $94 plus researcher time to generate unedited footage to put up online.

The months of unedited video data could be used by professional scientists and amateur scientists to use automated software that records well categorized behaviors like rearing (curiosity, a correlate of higher cognitive function, lordosis and mounting (sex interest], and food depot visits. If there is room in the mitosens budget for an honest publicity generator they could watch 14 days of mouse activity time lapse style in 3.5 hours and add up the number of lordosis poses and actual mounting matings and compare the mitochondrially less functional mice that have not had their mitochondrial genes moved into the nucleus with the mitosens modified mice. It will be likely an honest press release writer can write, "genetically engineered mice mate more than twice as much, 220%" "a cure or treatment for mitochondrial diseases raises sex dive, restoring normal levels with 1 gene."

Current information is at the June 2020 SENS annual report
Read it at https://www.sens.org...al/2020#page=22

Search in the PDF text for mitosens

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