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Can apoptosis / macro autophagy cause a positive antinuclear antibody test?

antiaging crown cells apoptosis autophagy antinuclear antibody ana test dasatinib quercetin fisetin

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#1 DJSwarm

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Posted 10 January 2022 - 02:10 AM

I've (60 yr, male, good general health, exercises) recently done a short run (3 days) of D (60mg) + Q (1000mg) and F (1200 mg) (dasatinib, quercetin and fisetin, respectively)


So far I've been very happy with the results but have had two things which may or may not be related.


1) I noticed my BP has been higher than normal lately. This could just be from covid containment and has responded to increasing my aerobic exercise and increasing NO with a supplement.


2) I had an ANA test come back elevated 1:80 and speckled. I've never had one before so I can't say what my normal is and I've no symptoms, which is good.


Upon researching it, one of the many things that can trigger a positive ANA without autoimmune disease is any number of various kinds of cell death releasing cell contents and creating antinuclear antibodies in response.


Since the whole point is to reduce crown cells by apoptosis, this seems like a "normal" but possibly troubling result.


Has anyone else tested for ANA levels after an anti-aging run, or seen any research on it?


If this is normal, it could have implications for those with autoimmune diseases (or that are borderline and might get triggered).


Also, it suggests that waiting between runs could be better than continuous treatment, especially in the beginning when clearing the old accumulation. One does want to keep antinuclear antibodies low. :)



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