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Magnesium Requirements to Covert D3 to Active Form

vitamin d3 magnesium

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Posted 17 April 2022 - 06:41 PM

These notes are just my own experiments with Vitamin D3/K1, MK-4 and Magnesium.

It is a known fact now that we definitely need D3 and Magnesium and can't do without those 2 for very long, means their deficiencies will have detrimental effects on our health.


I am a male (49 years of age), 5'9 tall and usually weigh between 73 & 75 kgs. I believe, in most cases, your body gives you excellent feedback when you take a supplement but only if you are sensitive to that feedback and willing to work with it. I exercise 3 times a week for 40 mins and my eating time span is 8 hrs. I don't eat anything outside that time.


My usual Vit D daily dose is 1000 iu (I take most supplements with food, specially FAT soluble ones). If required, I increase it sometimes to 2000 iu in winters (or when I am in Toronto instead of Florida) but with 1000 iu, I feel very balanced. And that balance STAYS BALANCED because of the following... 


I found, with a long period of trial and error, that with regular or chronic intake of D3, I need daily 100 mcg of Phylloquinone (K1) and 3 times a week 100 - 200 mg of Magnesium (I like the Malate form). I also found that chronic intake of D3 depletes Vit K levels, which starts all sorts of problems for me, even diminished interest in sex!


But 100 mcg of Phylloquinone (K1) not only keeps the K levels adequate (even when I take D3 at 2000 iu) but my body is able to convert that K1 to MK-4 as required [and please stay away from that cheap synthetic form of K1 called phytonadione]. I have tried MK-4 and Mk-7 separately. Mk-4 causes me depressive kinds of effects at 100 mcg and everything in my body starts to go out of balance. Mk-7 is even more insane causing high blood pressure and wakefulness, sometimes insomnia. So I stick with Phylloquinone.


So with Phylloquinone, along with D3, it's a smooth sail with all the good effects. 


My Vitamin A intake is around 600 mcg (in the form of food and what I get from my Multivitamin). Vitamin A is also an essential key player with Vitamin D and K. All 3 of those balance each other out.


Now, I don't over dose on Magnesium because I feel my dose of D3 is small but adequate enough for me and it doesn't require too much Magnesium for conversion of D3 to its active form. Even 2000 iu (50mcg) of D shouldn't take more than 50 mg of Magnesium for conversion. If I take higher dosages of Magnesium (over 200 mg /day) I start to get foggy, demotivated and bland in my cognition.


I think we need to listen to the feedback our bodies are giving us and adjust things accordingly. When you will reach a sweet-spot, your body will tell you, by giving you great clarity, energy and a feeling of well-being! But most people are not listening to (or trusting) that personal feedback, they listen more to what others are doing on the forums.  :-D 


Hope this information will help people to figure things out for themselves around D3/K/Mag (and A).





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