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I want to be oldest person of world

oldest person in the world

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#1 Fernando G

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Posted 11 June 2022 - 01:16 PM

I always thought that to be the oldest person in the world I had to start severe caloric restriction before the age of 20, I'm a man I'm 1.83 and 81 kg and 21 years old, I did calistenia 2 to 3 times a week for 2 months, I went to the gym 5 times a week for 5  months, I just want to quit hypercaloric and start cutting calories back, how many calories would you have to eat and how much should you weigh to be at least the oldest person in the world?I am 6 foot male.If you understand nutrition give me a menu of what I should eat and what exercises I should do, it's my thirdh attempt at CRON, my mom is already sick of me doing CRON for 1 year or 2

and give up or, I did CRON 2 times 16-17 yo 1 year and 2 months drop 58 kg to 42 or 43 kg,18 yo 2 years and 1 month weight drop 63 kg to 53 kg went up to 64 kg and drop to 53 kg and went up to 83 kg in bodybuilding 5 time a week.I would also like to know if I'm still CRON,I need resveratrol at what dosage to reaches WOP or more
?My mother forbids me to reach a BMI of less than 18,but I think that to be the oldest person in the world only resveratrol 100 mg or more and very severe CRON less than 800 calories sedentary or 900 or more with aerobic exercises, but the I sometimes think I won't be the oldest person in the world and maybe not even the oldest man, because I'm going back to CRON at 21 and some people have been CRON since before 18,i am tall and tall people live shorter,and i am male and male live shorter but do i have any chance of being the oldest person in the world, i also know that yo-yo helps to burn lean mass, and that eating little protein also helps to burn lean mass which would lower my BMR slower, for example I go down to 1% fat on DEXA at ​​the lowest possible weight by eating low protein fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of mineral water for my BMR to decrease appetite, then return to a lower weight than starting at 15 % fat and dirty bulking with cobavital and fruits and veg I eat low protein diets and do yo-yo all the time to get lighter and lighter without reaching 0% fat, so I get smaller and smaller and burn more and more muscle mass.

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