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NAD+ Push IV vs Drip IV


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Posted 04 August 2022 - 01:04 AM

I have acquired NAD+ powder that I will be giving myself for 10-14 days straight at a high dose intravenously. I was thinking of doing 500mg-1500mg/day. I am doing this as an experiment for a couple of conditions from which I suffer to see if it improves anything.


From an effectiveness standpoint, does it matter if you do a push IV vs a drip IV? (e.g.: is it better if you spread the dose out over a longer period of time or will you get the same results from a quicker administration? A push IV I figure could be stretched up to about 40 minutes for comfort if needed from a higher dose).


How important if at all are taking methyl donors like TMG over the course of treatment? Methyl donor supplementation can be risky for one of my conditions, but if it is simply replenishing what NAD+ is depleting that would not matter


Any input on supplies or process for either drip or push would be greatly appreciated as I have injected many substances SubQ and IM but never done IV before.  


For example, for a push IV: The NAD+ will come in a resealable container, I would likely put a sample jar of some sort (open to suggestions? sterile vial?) on a scale, tare the scale, weigh 1000mg NAD+ into the sample jar before mixing with saline (30ml...?). I would then draw through a 0.22 µm syringe filter into a syringe. At this point I would remove and replace with a butterfly needle, insert into vein and push.


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