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Literature reviews as a life extention research at home

review article poster book home research

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#1 Danail Bulgaria

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Posted 11 October 2022 - 01:51 PM

The literature review is actually a real science, and you not need to invest money in order to do it. Google scholar is for free.
So, almost everyone can make a real science even without any experimental work, solely by making a review of published scientific articles. It requires only a good will and time. This is something everyone in the longeity forum can do. Even those, who are absolutely new or absolutely absent in money and ideas.

From another aspect the literature review can have different forms - it can be published as a scientific article, presented as a poster on some conference or congress, published as a book, for example a monography, it can be a major or a part of a major, and who knows what else.


So, united the longecity members literary can overflood the scientific magazines, the congresses and the conferences with pro-lige extension literature reviews.


If each member of the forum here produces at least one qualitive review, on a topic of his/her interest, I think the effects would be many and good. They will include attracting many people towards ideas of life extention, especially people working in science and promoting the life extenton as a real and valuable science; rising the awareness among the people; giving ideas for research of young scientists etc.


I wonder what do you think about that


#2 Avatar of Horus

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Posted 14 October 2022 - 06:18 PM

Yes, a form of this is called secondary research


#3 Danail Bulgaria

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Posted 23 March 2023 - 03:34 PM

An interesting option appeared by using the new chat bots - chatGPT and Bing chat.


From one side, they relatively fast write paragraphs with interesting answers on a particular question. On the other side, currently (23.March.2023) chatGPT often do not cite the sources, e.g. you can't put them in your review, and Bing chat very often does not cite scientific articles, and often cites websites, news articles, and non-scientific web pages.


So, I wonder what do you think - if you are going to write a serious scientific review, which will be better - to wite it by yourself as we do it now, or to use the chat bots.


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