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After 10 years, my penis is still dead...I am in HELL


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#1 Coffeee

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Posted 11 November 2022 - 07:53 PM

I am booked to see a neurologist in 4 months after all of my testosterone levels came back normal from the endocrinologist. I finally have some money to use to try to fix myself after my decade long run of no sex/libido morning erections. I am 35 now. This has been a nightmare, I feel like a ghost. Viagra/Ciales/sex drugs make me feel as if I am either going to have a heart attack or brain annurism.


My advice...stay far far away from racetams. I have spent thousands on different types of pills in the past few years to see what would help me fix my sexual function, recently I purchased about 20 different body building supplements to see if any would help....i Can honestly say...after every thing I have tried so far absolutley nothing has worked...not even a little bit.......


Once every 6 months I might get an erection if I am lucky...but once I mentally recognize it it will disappear......intetesting note to take if anyone is out there to try to help me...before this mess I would get extreme anxiety to the point where my heart would hurt in social situations......that is completely gone now..I have no fear response...at all. My anxiety is all gone now....my heart does not race at all anymore....its like my bodys ability to have this cardiovasular response has been dulled out.


I tried taking Laxogenin to see it that will help me get an erection and I am not sure but I can possibly see a 10 percent difference in myself If I stoke my john to try to make it erect....but its still not the solution I am looking for. For a man..this is Hell...its 1 step above just having your dick/balls blown off in a freak accident. I have my private but I cannot use it at all.

#2 Sartac

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Posted 02 February 2023 - 03:44 AM

Have you had any luck detoxing, so to speak, from supplements, medications (to the extent medically advised), and addictive substances & habits?

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#3 x-num

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Posted 17 March 2023 - 02:42 AM

Have you sexual impulse? Sorry, I don't like playing tennis, so I don't play tennis and don't make of this a drama...If it where me first I relax and control the situation, not the situation to you


This is a very personal situation, but if you want to talk here of your "problem"...


What you like, womens or mans? are you married? etc... Have you some physical problem? or all is in your "mind"??? Are you open to explore others methods of resolve your problem or you only have trust in a guy with a white coat making prescriptions of chems to you???


Previously of this situation you abused a lot of your penis fucking everything that had a hole???? :-)

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