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New Vaccine Safety Study - Safety Depended on Which Batch the Vaccine Came From


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Posted 06 July 2023 - 01:15 AM

Here is the study: https://onlinelibrar....1111/eci.13998


This study looked at the Pfizer Biontec vaccine. A couple of quotes:


Unexpectedly, rates of SAEs per 1000 doses varied considerably between vaccine batches with 2.32 (0.09–3.59) (median [interquartile range]) SAEs per 1000 doses, and significant heterogeneity (p < .0001) was observed in the relationship between numbers of SAEs per 1000 doses and numbers of doses in the individual batches. Three predominant trendlines were discerned, with noticeable lower SAE rates in larger vaccine batches and additional batch-dependent heterogeneity in the distribution of SAE seriousness between the batches representing the three trendlines (Figure 1). Compared to the rates of all SAEs, serious SAEs and SAE-related deaths per 1.000 doses were much less frequent and numbers of these SAEs per 1000 doses displayed considerably greater variability between batches, with lesser separation between the three trendlines (not shown).




Each dot is as separate batch. The blue dots were given in the early days, 1 in 20 vaccinated suffered a serious adverse event. (SAE) The green dots show a 1 in 1000 SAE. The yellow batches show next to no SAE's.
Here is a video discussing the study and providing those numbers. https://www.youtube....h?v=IZAso_eLJLI
There is a clear Informed Consent issue with those SAE rates, which are over the moon.

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