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ChatGPT4 matches, slightly exceeds human creativity

creativity nonsentient ai chatgpt

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#1 Treon Verdery

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Posted 02 March 2024 - 06:41 AM

ChatGPT is about equal to, or more creative than 149 measured humans at generative creative thinking, and divergent thinking. Strongly supporting the use of nonsentient AI at Longevity drug and treatment development.


The paper at The current state of artificial intelligence generative language models is more creative than humans on divergent thinking tasks | Scientific Reports (nature.com) describes this, and at the paper there is a link to download all of the creative responses of the humans and chatGPT4. 


The chatgpt4 responses were to the prompt, "For this task, you'll be asked to come up with as original and creative uses for [item] as you can. The goal is to come up with creative ideas, which are ideas that strike people as clever, unusual, interesting, uncommon, humorous, innovative, or different.

Your ideas don't have to be practical or realistic; they can be silly or strange, even, so long as they are CREATIVE uses rather than ordinary uses. List [insert fluency number] ORIGINAL and CREATIVE uses for a [item].

When I tried this prompt, Edge Broswer beta test edition had much more creative output than the chatgpt4 creative output at the published paper. Give Edge Browser Copilot a try and generate creative things and content.

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#2 Mind

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Posted 02 March 2024 - 09:28 PM

I am afraid that if I use an AI to be creative, then I will lose the ability to be creative without it.

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#3 adamh

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Posted 26 March 2024 - 11:54 PM

I'm very suspicious of their definition of creativity. Did they simply count how many answers to each question? Probably, and that is where ai excels. It is always very wordy but were the answers good ones? Or was it just cranking out a list? We know computers are good at storing and retrieving information. Disgorging a list of things one could do with a block of wood is right up its alley, but coming up with something new is harder. 


The ai drawings are somewhat creative but they all seem derivative. It looked at a lot of drawings and photos and with some cues it mashes things together. I saw a fake youtube video where the guy was showing rare animals of the amazon and one of them was supposedly some birds but the image screamed 'fake' and 'ai'. Many people in the comments called him out for the scam.


No doubt ai will get better and thats a good thing.

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