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OCD or just anxiety?

ocd anxiety

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#1 Galaxyshock

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Posted 09 March 2024 - 03:04 PM

Feeling very OCD-like lately, posting a lot here on LongeCity. Hopefully my posts are of some quality and my cognition isn't getting worse :-D. Not sure what is the reason for this, I did run out of magnesium and Ashwagandha which have helped me with anxiety. I've also still been going back and forth with Lorazepam, some days taking none and some days taking a tablet or just a half. I was meant to come off Lorazepam but they do still renew my prescription and because of that I tend to take the easy route and take it in the morning if I feel like I need it instead of managing anxieties through other means.


I've had mild OCD before from certain things, not enough to get a diagnosis or anything. Perhaps it's just related to general anxiety disorder and I'm overthinking? I'm going to try N-acetylglucosamine soon to see if my mental health is affected by anti-inflammatory mechanisms. I have some health-related anxiety too but where this all stems from I don't know. I've started to think the severe acne in my teenage years affected my development, it can be quite devestating condition with severe psychological effects. I still have scarring from that, and some level of active acne on my back, luckily not on my face anymore except for the random pimple. I took a course of Accutane when I was 24 but it only dried my facial skin and did nothing for my bacne.


I see this Brain Health section has quieted down a lot and these old forum platforms (which I prefer) losing members, very unfortunate. Not sure what could be done to revive it a bit? I feel like that even after all these years there is plenty of things to discuss.

#2 Galaxyshock

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Posted 11 March 2024 - 05:51 AM

What I meant by feeling OCD-ish is a compulsive need to check different forums, social media, the news etc. and feeling sort of restless if I don't. But I think it stems from my GAD and is kind of a coping mechanism or something. Maybe I'll just need a strong cup of chamomile tea and calm down a bit.  :-D


I'm thinking about starting a blog, but wonder if anybody would read it.

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