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Verdict on Fasoracetam for Phenibut wd and recovery

phenibut gabab gaba b upregulation tolerance reset

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#1 BrainBrewElixir

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Posted 02 April 2024 - 05:22 PM

Hey there,


I know this is the second topic I'm starting in a row, but I do have 2 legitimate and well-written questions, so I think there should be nothing wrong with it, if anything it's the most orderly way to ask them.


I just received some Fasoracetam. I've been on Phenibut, 500mg in the morning and another 500mg at night for a little less than 3 weeks. Before that, I was on only 500mg a night for 6 days. So I'm on Phenibut in total for a little less than 4 weeks.


Stories on the internet indicate that Fasoracetam will stop withdrawals and at the same time upregulate receptors. Which to me sounds too good to be true, like it's literally negating any issues of Phenibut use instantly. I would love to just cut out my Phenibut and dose Fasoracetam instead for a while, and later maybe reintroduce ocassional Phenibut. However I can't risk just trying it out, my work is very social, and while my current protocol is surely not ideal long-term, I'm stable and able to perform on it.


Thank You for reading!

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#2 Galaxyshock

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Posted 03 April 2024 - 06:13 AM

You're taking low doses of Phenibut and haven't taken it for a long time period, so withdrawal shouldn't be that bad. Fasoracetam may upregulate GABA-B receptors and help, but note that Phenibut is also a gabapentinoid and TAAR1-antagonist so I would think Fasoracetam won't completely stop possible withdrawals. Some successfully use benzos short term, like for a week, to come off Phenibut even from higher doses and longer use.

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