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Strange reaction to phenibut

phenibut gaba glutamate keratoconus

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Posted 21 March 2021 - 09:43 PM

Strange reaction to phenibut
I will start a little from afar, in order to understand the situation, but I will try to be as brief as possible.
It all started when I was first diagnosed with keratoconus, and a little later with neural amyotrophy of Sharko Mariut. With all accompanying symptoms. A couple of years later, I developed tachycardia, which cardiologists could not explain.
Then, as I understood much later, palynopsia appeared. She developed slowly, at the moment when I noticed unusual afterimages, I'm sure she was already about six months for sure. Probably longer. At first, I did not understand what it was at all and attributed it to the worsening of my keratoconus. Much later, I consulted an ophthalmologist and he assured me that this was definitely not a manifestation of keratoconus.
Then I came across an article that elevated levels of glutamate can damage the peripheral nervous system (suspiciously similar to what I have now with a diagnosis of Charcot Marie). With the rest of my symptoms, I became confident that my glutamate levels were elevated.
Based on these considerations, I decided to try taking Phenibut (I drank 1.5 grams per day). And suddenly the palynopsia passed (which I did not expect). So, at least in my case, palynopsia was caused by excess glutamate or low gamma. I began to feel much better, sleep better, get tired less, etc.
But unfortunately, after taking Phenibut for only 4 days, I stopped taking it and after about a day I had a very strong withdrawal syndrome. Palinopsia returned 20 times more than it was. There was a strong ringing in my ears and I would say a buzzing in my head.
It turned out to slightly remove these symptoms with memantine and afobazole. More than 6 months have passed, but unfortunately palynopsia did not even return to its original state before taking Phenibut.
I have been to many neurologists and everyone insists that it is impossible to worsen the gamma receptors for such a period. No adequate treatment was offered either.
Personally, I have such a suspicion that Phenibut has depleted what is needed for the full work of the gamk. But, that it may be my knowledge is not enough to understand it.
I would be grateful if anyone could suggest in which direction to move or drug options that could help. If you have questions, then ask them too, I had to omit a lot for the brevity of the post.
And by the way, I have a gene mutation MTHFR 677 C> T
T / T

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