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Short articles - writers sought

writers articles longecity

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Posted 08 January 2013 - 07:39 PM

There are 4 ways of writing for LongeCity:

(1) Commissioned topics 
800-1500 word (ca. 2-3 pages) articles on any of the topics listed below. 
As long as the topic is listed, it remains open for submissions.
Authors are invited to submit a finished manuscript directly to caliban@longecity.org. Responses can be expected with 14 days after submission. 
Editors may require certain alterations for style, quality or based on peer-reviewed references, but publication is guaranteed for commissioned articles if the article meets a basic quality threshold.

(2) Submit an exposé for a new topic
You can send us a 200 word article outline, accompanied with a few lines about yourself. If accepted, you will be invited to submit a full article. 
Please use the contact form

Reward per published article: $180 (a premium may be awarded for particularly well-researched articles)

(3) Write a blog or (4) write on the forum
You can either start a blog at LongeCity or easily synchronise a blog that you maintain elsewhere. If your blog is consistently of interest and of good quality, you will automatically be awarded ‘Thank You’ points which can be redeemed for vouchers at online stores such as amazon. We might also ask you to do a regular column.
Thank you points also accrue to forum posts, as readers 'like' your posts. 

All articles and other written contribution are subject to the general LongeCity User agreement. In short authors keep full copyright of the article, but grant a free perpetual and worldwide license to LongeCity for non-commercial use. 

 -- current open commissions --

- A Longevity Enthusiasts Guide for Beginners
- Aging theories: Is there a unifying factor in aging?
- Antioxidants: relevant for life extension?
- Brain transplantation: a medical impossibility?
- Cancer Risks in everyday products
- Cryonics: a scientific and technical description
- Current clinical trials particularly relevant to life extension
- DIYbio projects directed at life extension
- Gene Therapy: An update
- Heart attacks and strokes – emergency measures.
- Is advanced artificial intelligence the key to life extension?
- Lay diagnosis: spotting warning signs that could save your life
- Leaving Earth: seeding human life elsewhere
- Life extension enthusiasts of the 20th century: lessons for today
- Long term planning: trends and projections until 2200
- Mapping the life extension scene
- Nanomedicine: recent advances
- Nootropics in human trials: the evidence
- Overpopulation and Life Extension
- Prepping: the 10 most useful tips
- Profile: ‘XXX’ – a life extension pioneer
- Religion and the life extension movement: at loggerheads?
- Religion, Pets, Relationships: Lifestyle and life expectancy.
- SENS: An update
- Sport & bodybuilding: will it extend or shorten your lifespan?
- Stress & Aging: what is the evidence?
- Supplements with a proven life extension benefit – any?
- Why do some turtles outlive humans?

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