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Becoming a psychopath


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#61 factsmachine

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Posted 04 March 2015 - 10:14 PM

I finally just revealed everything to my grandma about how mistreated and forgotten I was as a child. NY mom never held me she said.
I cried and cried and cried and still am.. All I want is love. I let my E2 go up maybe a little bit too high so I feel overly emotional even on Klonopin, DXM and tramadol.
But I NEEDED this. It feels like 10,000,000 pounds has been lifted of of my shoulders. I just want love.. That's it...
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#62 Galaxyshock

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Posted 05 March 2015 - 04:08 PM

To each their own - and everyone should follow what's best for them as only the person in question knows their PAST, genetics (or an idea of) social status, aspirations etc --- all of which is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than black and white depictions of neurological zones - psychology first, ALWAYS. The way you CHOOSE to think - the way and enthusiasm in which you embrace your daily activities and / or aspirations in life - the discipline you choose to have - and the ideals you choose to internalize are literally the most important determinants of your neuro-chemistry and cellular health ----- it's a proven fact that you can shut your entire cell system and reproduction down by just choosing not to live or giving up - it's also proven that negative mindsets, pervasive over years - can deteriorate you at a pace quicker than any anti-aging herb can try to regulate.


That's why psychology and a LONG-TERM goal are the final mediators and the baseline for any sort of further progression in neurological "edging" or biochemical "optimization" - everything else is just a supplement or a factor in "overall homeostasis". Furthermore, a consistency in that psychology - to where PROgression and not REgression is the notable endeavor - is the benchmark for success and overall health.


GalaxyShock - you're right, it was a little arrogant of me to say that serotonin is garbage..however, from a hormonal perspective I'm sure you understand what I was getting at - it always is more complex than it seems and I'm the first person to "hate on" generalized science and "ABC Science" as you have so humbly noted..however, people understand and recognize scientific termonology and are enthused by it - so I at least in good conscience spare people the over-marketed and sugarcoated nonsense and give the "full story" or as close to it as I can get while maintaining the real and plausible encouragement of steady acquisition.



I agree, it's the conscious choice that eventually matters. But, choosing not to live, giving up... to some extent it's necessary to surrender and let go. It's actually a lot tougher to face yourself and your physical mortality, deficiencies, emotions and so on - than it is to fight it by trying to be "above", alpha, superhuman or psychopath.

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#63 jroseland

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Posted 28 January 2021 - 10:13 AM

The word insane is drastically overused, for everything from mild moodiness and irritability to emotional changes. That’s not what this podcast is about, these are four stories of times I did business with people who were unwell psychologically.

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#64 kurdishfella

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Posted 27 March 2021 - 10:02 AM

1. Watch a lot of Gore videos

2. Decrease MAO Levels

3. increase PEA levels


I sometimes think that zombies are pshyopaths but with a different name. youd have to be one to come up with zombies or?


Actually I was interested in becoming one at one point myself because I thought being a psychopath would make you the ultimate survival but its actually not. Because it inhibits some other parts of your brain. But if you find a balance you will be better off ,realization laughter . Every mental illness seems to boost one part of the brain massively and forget the other, thats why its about finding a balance between all the mentallness illnessness so that they all are boosted equally. If you  have high amounts of activity in only one part and miss the others, even though that part has higher activity it wont be used 100% because the brain needs all parts of it in balance to work efficiently. Im not sure you can use 100% of your brain but close to it perhaps. So you will use your brain as meant and mind, and therefore will be more confident than the others. Your lucky im not bad. 


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#65 kurdishfella

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Posted 17 May 2022 - 10:34 PM

Phenethylamine inhibitors is effective against psychopathy etc so anything that increases PEA should help but you can also increase it by watching gore and enjoying things that give direct stimulation and affect your mind to produce more PEA.

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#66 kurdishfella

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Posted 21 May 2022 - 01:19 AM

with Hordenine You need to take a proper MAOI with it, for it to be truly active. Methylene blue inhibits MAO-A more than MAO-B, but it inhibits both at large doses ®. other mao-b inhibitors selegiline etc MB has fear extinction feature + look for mores which promotes weightlessness, no pain. 

But everything has its negatives as well more than a balanced mind. Several food components have been associated with reactions that may include aggressive, violent, or criminal behavior. Some people may be allergic to or exhibit increased sensitivity to chemicals contained in chocolate (phenylethylamine), aged cheeses and wine (tyramine), artificial sweeteners (aspartame), and caffeine (xanthines) which can influence mood badly . https://criminal-jus...es-of-crime/16/

genes linked with violent crime >

Certain mental illness bipolar, schizophrenia are closely related to psychopathy. Tofisopam is also claimed to be a PDE10A inhibitor, which may provide an alternative mechanism of action for its various therapeutic effects, and this action has been proposed to make tofisopam potentially useful as a treatment for schizophrenia etc. So find an PDE10A activator.

as you can see ive researched this. many genes are linked to mood that can affect the start of your childhood.
psychopaths also have large pupils any stimulant will do and decrease inhibitory neurotransmitters to further it
look trough on a substance read reviews etc fast n weightlessness and speed is associated with this. (all I know is about phenethylamine and beta alanine, dmaa, dmha, ephedrine, ephedra, pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine, caffeine synephrine, hordenine, yohimbine and propylhexedrine. Now some of them could possibly be the same and some weak so I'm here to figure it out which ones are weak and which ones the strongest and any other I'm forgetting?  etc adrenaline, norpinheprine.

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