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Interest in a NEW Canadian Domestic Nootropic Store?

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#1 Doktor

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Posted 16 June 2015 - 02:17 PM

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted here... things in my life have changed dramatically since I found this community years ago (in a postive way), and now I find myself posting for entirely different reasons then I had previously.

First of all, my close friend and I are Canadian, and we are fully aware of the current law regarding the sale of NHPs (Natural Health Products) containing synthetic nootropics (such as piracetam, phenylpiracetam, etc.) within Canada; he has no intention of (and will not be) breaking any laws.


My friend has researched and read about nootropics extensively over the last few years, and he would like to give other Canadians a better way to purchase nootropics without the hassle and shipping time/expense of buying over the border... however, before this can happen, he needs me to gauge general interest in this project to determine if it's even worth it.

Here are the 5 foundations that my friend plans to base this venture on:


  1. Customer Service - Always number one; The voices of this community - and similar others - will be heard, and suggestions will help shape what services/products he offers.
  2. Fast, Domestic Shipping (Including tracking with every order) - He will keep you updated on every step of the order fullfilment process, and will always ship product as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  3. Professional Labeling and Packaging - All packages will be properly labeled for researcher safety, with appropriate WHIMIS labels as necessary.
  4. The Best Prices for Canada - Obviously Canadian prices will be higher then American (specifically due to the horrible performance of the CAD at the moment), but - accounting for the exchange rate - he aims to provide the lowest prices.
  5. High Quality Product - His product will be high quality, and he will do his best to maintain this standard... if "bad batches" are received (and/or numerous researchers notify him that the research material is of poor quality), then appropriate measures will be taken to rectify the situation.


That's really it for now... depending on whether or not this seems worthwhile, this business may be operational very soon. So... what does the community think? Legal points asside, is this a worthwhile business to pursue? Or is my friend crazy?

And FYI: This actually was posted on behalf of a good friend I attended post-secondary with, who is currently finishing up a Masters degree (Organic Chemistry) in Canada... I am not attempting to hide behind a pseudonymous fictional individual - even if it looks that way  ;) 

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