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Personal/Chemistry Specific Treatment

adhd add neurotransmitters regimes supplementation diet diagnosis

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#1 Kaleido

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Posted 15 August 2015 - 01:59 PM

Hi guys

Im on a journey of self development but i need a little guidance from you folk..

I have realised that its a much better approach to understand and become aware of your own specific biology and make up - so as to treat undesireable symptoms and aspects effectively - and cheaply... im not very clued up about neuroscience as most of you are, so it makes it more difficult to understand these things on my own

So instead of continuing to throw hundreds of $$'s at the general soupmix, i would rather want to be sure of my diagnosis, specific chemical imbalances, and dietary / supplement needs! In a nutshell i want to build a regimen that works for me (liek everyone does i guess)

  • Diagnosis - best way of getting it accurate
  • What kind of tests have u found successful in measuring levels of important hormones and chemicals, that could indicate certain disorders.
  • What is the best Diet and Supplement regime that would thus treat this effectively.

1) Diagnosis
I am ADD - most likely P-I...  I diagnosed as a child, but the PI part i have deduced this myself tho, given that: My primary areas are:  Anxiety, concentration and attention issues, hyperfocusing, restlessness, forgetfullness and airheadedness, racey thoughts, sometimes manic moods - happiness, exciteability, sadness. (although not major, and this is something i really enjoy actually)

I am not very hyper or impulsive, I don't blurt things out or interrupt people unknowingly, i wouldnt say my thoughts or speech is sluggish in anyway, i wouldnt say that im depressed.   
Ritalin turns out to be not very effective... (slightly, but not wow, like most others)

So is that an accurate assesment? - The doctors i know here in S.A. are very loose with diagnosis and will just stamp ADHD and prescribe ritalin (exclusively) - so i think it would be better figuring that out through own research. 

2) Tests
Someone recommended 23andMe - is that a good start?  What about blood tests of neurotransmitters?  i dont have alot of money so these might be expensive?

I am also wondering about Methylation and histamine. - and I just bought some Niacin... would that be a good test?  Perhasp some SAMe or TMG would be the most effective.
I have old RSI inflammation issues. that jsut pop up some mornings without having stressed that muscle.. so i beleive that may indicate something to do with my diet or histamine level etc - which may also contribute to ADD.

interested in glutamate. as well, i seem to respond mentally well to Oxiracteam and arginine pyro glutamate. - definately mentally energising. so perhaps my problem is to with that more than dopamine. but sho, these are the things i would like to know for sure.

3) DIET...

Would love to know what kind of diets any fellow ADDers have found successful?  i have been limiting sugars and decreasing carbs. 

look forward to any info u can give to help :)



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