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Side effects of flmodafinil for first two doses, negative outweighs positive

newmind review flmodafinil

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#1 NyteFox

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Posted 16 May 2016 - 12:31 AM

My fiancé bought 2g of flmodafinil from NewMind for us to try out. On our first dose, we both took 100mg as a starting dose. For this post, I will be posting only my side effects. (Note: I took noopept alongside both doses, but I will list the side effects I noticed from flmodafinil)

Before I took it, I ate some food. It took about an hour to kick in. It was very light at first, almost not noticeable.

What I noticed:
- no anxiety
- no jitters nor shakiness
- felt more sociable, more carefree
- laid back, calm, relaxed
- motivation, slight creativity

On the comedown:
- nausea
- back pain
- lethargy
- extremely tired
- brain fog and slight confusion

For the second dose, close to 24 hours after the first dose, we both took 50mg since 100mg was too potent for either of us.

What I noticed:
- increased feeling of nausea, feeling as if I might throw up
- intense back pain at work (I wasn't at work the previous day)
- extremely tired, as if I had no sleep at all
- brain fog, confusion
- no anxiety, sociable
- no jitters, no shakiness
- more emotionally sensitive

I noticed that the two times I slept after those doses, I would have very bizarre and spontaneous dreams, which is nothing like I have dreamt before. It was quite interesting. Every time me and my fiancé drank something with caffeine, the nausea would increase greatly. Even now, I still feel sick to my stomach. I've eaten less due to fear of vomiting. My fiancé has already vomited at work. After it wears off, I feel so tired, as if I haven't had enough sleep, and I've been getting 6-8 hours of sleep. I wake up more frequently while sleeping. Noopept hasn't been giving me brain fog, but it has been making me slightly confused, and I feel flmodafinil adds on to that confusion. On the comedown, the brain fog continuously gets worse until I finally pass out.

The negative effects seem to outweigh the positive effects. I went ahead and tried another 60mg to see how it goes. My stomach is already churning and I'm feeling tired again, but we'll see.

#2 Soalian

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Posted 16 May 2016 - 10:24 AM

Interesting, Did you try regular Modafinil before?

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#3 NyteFox

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Posted 20 May 2016 - 01:30 AM

Interesting, Did you try regular Modafinil before?

I haven't taken any of the finils, or whatever you may call the group of those. However, I do plan to take some other ones, including modafinil. I have read about some of them on Reddit, and out of all of them, people seem to prefer flmodafinil.

I continued taking flmodafinil, regardless of the negative side effects, and now my body is beginning to get used to it. The nausea it was causing has now turned into hunger. It feels like I have a black hole as a stomach, but it isn't necessarily bad in my case. The back pain is still there, but not as distracting. After it wears off, my entire body feels physically and mentally drained and I feel as if I've been sleep deprived for days. It no longer seems to help with my anxiety as much as it did before, so I may end up increasing the dose from my usual 50mg to about 65-70mg.

I'll update when I start taking modafinil, but I'm not sure when that will be. Probably once I finish off the flmodafinil.
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