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Longevity Day and Longevity Month - October 2016

longevity activism longevity day longevity month

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#1 ilia

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Posted 01 July 2016 - 05:04 PM

Dear friends,


Following the tradition of 2013, 2014 and 2015, there are now being organized events and publications toward the “Longevity Day” (based on the UN International Day of Older Persons - October 1) in support of biomedical aging and longevity research.



This has been a worldwide international campaign successfully adopted by many longevity activists groups. Last year, events, meetings, publications and promotions were organized in the framework of this campaign in over 40 countries. Some promotions reached hundreds of thousands of viewers. This campaign has also received factual endorsement and publicity from several internationally and nationally distinguished scientific and advocacy associations.



Hopefully, this year, the campaign will be no less enriching, unifying and impactful. Though this year, it was suggested, while keeping the "longevity day" concept as would be desirable to particular groups and activists, rather to emphasize and organize the longevity promotion events in October in a new framework – as “The Longevity Month” – as usually the “longevity day” events spread through the entire month of October. Various “commemorative months” to support particular advocacy issues is a well established and effective practice, and a dedicated “month” can give people more flexibility and space to organize events and publications. The recognition of this commemorative month campaign, however, would depend on the strength of every individual event and publication of this campaign.



Several events are already included as a part of the "Longevity Day/Month" celebrations. One of them is the conference of the International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD) that will  take place in Stanford, on September 30 - October 2 http://www.longevity...-30-oct-2-2016/


In case someone organizes some meeting or publication for the Longevity Day / Longevity Month campaign in October – in support of biomedical research of aging and longevity – will be grateful for letting know (sharing/linking). It will also give encouragement to others! I will try to make a register and publicize all the meetings of the campaign together.


Welcome to contact me here via pm, or email ilia.stambler@gmail.com or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilia.stambler


The campaign site: http://www.longecity...h-october-2016/






Page: https://www.facebook.com/LongevityDay/?fref=ts


Announcement: https://www.facebook...?type=3


Thanks. Ilia


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#2 ilia

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Posted 12 September 2016 - 02:47 PM

Thanks to financial sponsorship from Humanity+, an H+Pedia prize competition is being held in conjunction with Longevity Day/Month in 2016.
The initial prize fund for this competition is US$ 500.
Prizes will be awarded in line with the general criteria given in the link above, for contributions that improve H+Pedia coverage of longevity from a transhumanist point of view.
Contributions submitted to H+Pedia from 1st September to 15th October can be taken into consideration for prizes. Prizes will be announced by the end of October.
To enter this contest, H+Pedia authors should send an email to info@hpluspedia.org, listing the contributions they wish to have considered - either entire pages, or specific updates to given pages.


If you organize additional events for the Longevity Day/Month Campaign, please let know - so we could include them in the general promotions. Here are the events and promotions being organized so far. 


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