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Story of my Neurofeedback Training Journey

neurofeedback training eeg nir heg lllt nootropics adhd focus concentration

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#1 swizzlebizzle

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Posted 08 October 2016 - 11:19 AM

Hmmmmm, ok starting my first topic. 


Im going to try and use this platform to document/log my progress similar to what Hza did back in the early 2013 or something.


Backgroung : Accounting/audit employee in SA, looking to improve focus. I have always had a very poor attention span, but i do feel it has gotten worse. I have dabbled in many nootropics, and ritalin/concerta during the exam periods; those things have gotten me by. But not nearly to the extent that i can focus on a task like some of my colleagues. 


From the nootropics i have tried, Phenylpiracetam definitely worked. Noopept gives me some energy and focus, but maybe a crash later? not too sure. I have never really taken the reccomended dosage for any noots (always well under) just so i can , in my mind atleast, avoid anything too serious. Anyway, what this topic is about is me trying to get my Biofeedback Training going. I have bought all the equipment , now its about strapping myself to the machines regularly to get some rewards.


At first i read about the positives of this on all of these websites, and was really eager to get into it. I wanted to do it through a professional but got skeptical when i saw some people would charge R 400 (20 $) and others like R 2000 (you can convert this one); it didn't feel like something i could go to anyone to do. In my mind if the benefits of Neuro Training were true then I would be willing to pay alllooottt of money (even if i didnt have it). After more research, and lack of reputable professional options in SA, i decided to buy my own equipment. It took a while for me to figure out what i need, because as i said i am lazy/no attention, and would never read through literature to figure stuff out. But i got to the point where i realized i need an amp, 2 headbands and the software. 2 headbands one for EEG and one for HEG. The more i read, the more i felt that all the options did the same thing, but i didn't want to buy something and realise i dont have the functionality i need. So i got the Q wiz , with all the required software (bioexplorer and designs) , and my headbands. This for a South African was ridiculously expensive, but like i said if it works, i would of paid even more.


It took a while to just open the box, and figure out what was going on. But I was sort of motivated by the amount of money i had just spent, where i would struggle to live with myself wasting that much money. I bought the stuff through Brain Trainer, where the people are very helpful ; they helped me set up, they tell me what to do, and im sure they will continue to do so.


So i actually properly started with EEG about 2 days ago, this is me trying to just get my readings (assessment) which i will send to Brain Trainer and they will develop a training plan for me. This failed (as expected) because i could not stop laughing while my friend was helping me with the assessment.(I had a tight hat on my head, and for a minute you have to be read to, the reading material he chose just seemed really funny) Hopefully i can grow up in the next week and get to actually doing this EEG assessment properly.


Anyways, seeing as i struggled with the EEG and i really wanted to get this started; i went to the HEG training. This , from what i have read, is much easier to do, but maybe not as effective. So today Saturday 08/10/2016 marks my first proper start to Brain Training, hopefully this is something i will maintain and do consistently.


Here is my log that i typed out; this i did separately so it will be repetitive 


Day 1

08/10/2016 12 minutes NiR HEG Training


Up to this stage a lot of time has gone into choosing the right device, and what attachments i would need. After that it took some time to get the equipment going on the computer due to some technical issues. Brain Trainer were very helpful (Karen Duncan) in helping me get started, and i still speak to her often regarding tips etc.


Today is the first time i tried to train properly, previously i have tried to get my EEG readings which was quite difficult; but that was the first time. Today i did nir HEG training 3 minutes 1 minute dive on all 3 areas. The first area (centre) went strangely well, the small brain kept climbing, although i could not pinpoint why it was doing so. I would look at the brain and stop trying to focus to see if it would fall, then it would just maybe slightly fall i guess? Not really sure now, but I couldn’t feel the distinct relationship between my effort and the movement of the brain, which does not feel promising. But being my first time this is expected, i read the similar experiences for Hza on Longecity. The second place i did was right, here the brain just kept falling, and it wouldn’t go up; i was under water the whole time. This could be linked to what Hza said on his blog where the base line rises after doing your first session. The dive was relatively similar to the 1st spot where it sort of kind is under water, but probably not as deep as the first one. The final area kept going up, im struggling to see what i did different between the 3, but happy to see the little brain go up.

Today i was feeling more focused than usual, had a full night sleep (its a Saturday) woke up and watched series till i felt a lil motivation to do this stuff. Definitely am more focused and awake than I am on any other day.

Don’t think i will feel any effects of the nir HEG training today, it felt a bit random. Looking to read more about people experiences, and what i should be trying to do. Hopefully this is the start of my consistent brain training regime. 




If anyone reads this : Apologies for any typo's etc. , as i start to benefit from my training maybe i will provide some nice sounding literature. 

Maybe i should add i also started Dual n Back about 2 weeks ago, stuck on DB 4 and im too lazy to do much more. 

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#2 Fanatik

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Posted 29 December 2016 - 02:04 PM

Any updates on this?

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#3 swizzlebizzle

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Posted 29 December 2016 - 02:24 PM

Quite a lot actually, sorry for being so poor at updating this; hopefully documenting my experiences doesn't turn out to be some sort of novelty.


Unfortunately i have not been able to focus on only one thing, after reading through the post again i see that i was quite ready to really get going on HEG training; but i think the random feel of it all meant i couldn't get the motivation to do it properly. But I have done a lot of other stuff since then (brain development wise);


  • Tried to learn meditation by going to a 2 day course
  • Tried to get better at meditation by going to a 10 silent retreat
  • Got myself an LED light to do some TULIP ( see TULIP thread), looking to get some PQQ to South Africa to add to this! (if anyone can help)
  • Did my complete EEG assessment and have received the results, with the associated training plan.


Just by writing this down i can see how much focus i lack, and how i am all over the place. However i do have faith in the Brain Trainer assessment (and the associated training plan) this combines HEG and EEG training for a 5 days a week training plan. Currently I am on holiday with family, but will be looking to really do the training seriously.


From online readings I am expecting subtle results after about 2 weeks, with more noticeable effects at the 2 month mark. 


When i get home i will provide a more detailed write up of what the guy said in my assessment, and what my training plan consists of. I can see a short period where i try to figure out what the training plan means and how to get this going.


Let me know if you want any info on anything specific, otherwise i will document from about 10 Jan 2017 on my EEG training progress in the same format as i did above. (before this i will provide more detail on my Brain Trainer feedback)





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#4 swizzlebizzle

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 06:05 PM

Will revert back to using days and dates when i develop some sort of routine.


At this stage i haven't been able to get into full stride with the NFB, but have tried. It is quite difficult as a lot of the setting up involved in the training i can't see explained anywhere, I had to ask questions to get guidance. I would of thought that all the information i need would be somewhere easily accessible, but the people at brain trainer are still helpful and reply very quickly anyway. I have done another session of nir HEG training and i think it was even more random than before, but I'm still confident that once i get into routine i will see something atleast.


The EEG hasn't yet kicked off, as this is what all my questions related to. I plan on trying again based on the replies i have received, but i think it might take another batch of questions before i can properly do a NFB session.


In other news i have gotten well into LostFalco's TULIP, and just got some PQQ in the mail. There is definitely something going on with this, and just need some time to quantify this properly :) 


Hoping the next post describes the first step to something more tangible in this process. 

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