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Fasoracetam partially or fully abolishes 5HT2A activation induced fatigue and avolition

5ht2a fasoracetam

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#1 PeaceAndProsperity

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Posted 18 March 2017 - 05:21 PM

Hold up, this is not absolutely certain but I think I am on to something.


I am very sensitive to 5HT2A activation. Just a mild increase and it feels like I've taken a heavy dose of melatonin, except it's a lot worse most of the time; I get irritable, fatigued, lose motivation (avolition) etc.


Right now I was having serious issues like I have every day and so I wanted to test this hypothesis since 5HT2A induced hallucinations are said to be caused by reducing function of mglur 2/3 receptors, which fasoracetam is an agonist of. I thought maybe fasoracetam could abolish some of the other issues caused by 5ht2a receptors.


I am a little afraid of taking a larger dose of fasoracetam because it seems to cause tinnitus and other issues I assume have to do with overexcitation, but it's possible that if I increased my fasoracetam dose it would further abolish the 5ht2a induced effects.


Perhaps this is why 5ht2a receptors can be protective against seizures and why activating 5ht2a receptors can stabilize mood (glutamate and bipolar)?

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