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High dose zinc + vitamin C not effective for cold/infection

common cold infection

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#1 PeaceAndProsperity

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Posted 10 July 2017 - 07:07 PM

I have taken 60mg of zinc every day since Friday. Friday I also took 10g of vitamin C. Every day since Saturday, including today which is 3 days, I've taken 20g of vitamin C a day.

I've also taken a garlic extract supplement just for the heck of it though I've never had any success with garlic for boosting the immune system or ridding of pathogens whether kept in my mouth whole, cut up or as an extract.


Friday my symptoms were barely there but I could feel a cold ever so slightly creeping up (and we all know how it starts). Saturday my throat began hurting, I was coughing and my nose was runny. The mucus I would cough up was grayish-yellowish and thick. I also had a foul mushroom-like taste in my mouth and nose

The day after that, Sunday, it had gotten slightly worse.

Today, Monday, it's gotten ever so slightly better but it will definitely be at least 2 days to fully recover.


I only had diarrhea once when I took the 20g of vitamin C. The zinc made me drowsy and almost gave me a benzo or high-dose theanine feeling, probably because I had too high levels of zinc.

I added 2mg of copper for 2 days to counteract copper deficiency, as well as adding a few mg of iron just in case I was lacking that as well, but it made no difference.


All in all it's surprisingly ineffective. It's likely that without these supplements it would've been much worse and lasted longer but still I have been bed ridden. Had I gone outside then I'm sure the supplements would do nothing to stop it from getting much more severe.


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#2 aconita

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Posted 10 July 2017 - 10:10 PM

More of a good thing doesn't necessarily makes it better, actually the opposite is often true.


While vit C and zinc might help fight a flue or even prevent it to happen I doubt we can call that a sure cure.


I find myself better off with SSKI 6-8 drops in half a glass of water every 6-8 hours on the very early onset of the first flue symptoms or food poisoning, a couple of days should suffice, after that SSKI is better discontinued at that dosage because too high.


BPC157 should be another smart intervention. 

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#3 Oakman

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Posted 11 July 2017 - 12:35 PM

When I used to get colds (haven't for a long, long time) I seemed to get relief from Vit C. Normally back in the day, I would take 1 g Vit C with a multi every day. If I ever felt the unmistakable tinge of a cold coming in a few days (as you mentioned), I would start taking 1 g Vit C each waking hour. Because I'd still get the cold eventually, hard to tell the effectiveness of my 'remedy', but I felt it did lessen the effects.


Those "Vit C conquers all" days are long past, and now that I have many other arrows in my arsenal to combat these types of invasions, colds are thankfully years apart.


I'd venture the best you can do to avoid these problems is build immunity for the long haul with everything you do (and stay as far away as possible from the disease pools that are otherwise known as schools/children).

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#4 joelcairo

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Posted 11 July 2017 - 05:34 PM

Based on the thread title, I was expecting to see a scientific study or meaningful data of some kind. Not some trivial "my cold is still there" nonsense.

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