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With some supplements cheaper may mean better


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Posted 29 September 2017 - 09:08 PM

I bought Swanson's Lion's Mane (mycelium) and could clearly notice its effects.

Then I bought a product twice as expensive with even less Lion's Mane in it, which supposedly contains both the mycelium, fruiting body AND spores... and lo and behold it does absolutely nothing even if I megadose it.


I bought Swanson's 10mg pregnenolone for dirt cheap prices and I could clearly feel it working.

Then I tried Country Life's 30mg which is at least thrice as expensive and even with megadosing it I feel nothing. Oddly Country Life's 10mg version has stronger energizing effects than Swanson's 10mg, as if it's not even the same molecule or as if they added something to the product which produces secondary stimulant effects.


Same with niacin. Swanson's niacin is dirt cheap and produces stronger effects than other, more expensive niacin products (all of them are immediately release nicotinic acid).


How utterly stupid and incompetent are these people, to market a product that costs more than other products and then it literally does nothing? They could increase their financial output if simply they had some brain. Then there're the completely unnecessary fillers in capsules that only add to the price.

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