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Biohacking Protocol Of An Internet Millionaire

biohacking diet supplements

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#1 matisvijs

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 02:02 PM

The strategies are pretty standard but still pretty interesting for anyone who’s looked into ‘biohacking’.


The guy is a CEO of a company that does half a billion dollars a year in revenue so he definitely has to be high performing. Funny enough he follows a ketogenic diet, fasts frequently and uses ssri’s for mood improvement.


Here’s his whole protocol: https://hackernoon.c...er-2a2e846ae113

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#2 Oakman

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 06:51 PM

I like his writing style. He's honest and straightforward in discussing the effects of all that he does/takes, which is refreshing. Nice for him he has the resources to test/monitor all of his stats. We should all be so fortunate.

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#3 jack black

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Posted 08 December 2017 - 09:38 PM

Good find. Most of that is very common sense and I'm doing most of that already.

However, I'm not touching MDMA and SSRI. He is actually very weak on the supplements part.


Here is why he is so successful professionally, he really believes he is the best of the best and can accomplish anything he wants. I wish I had that mindset:


I suspect that today there are fewer than 1000 people out of 7 billion who know as much about their own health as I do.


#4 Musashi

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Posted 05 January 2018 - 06:37 PM

I don't agree with his strategy to be honest. There is the common sense part (where I still fail when it comes to sleeping) and then there is the other part where he basically buys all he can get. Even when he says he is doing more research than anybody else etc I feel like he is lacking some information. With nutrition: where do his information come from about foods that are good/ok/not ok? Why is fish particularly good? Is it because of the Omega-3? Anyways this is just a false assumption. People who eat a lot of fish have higher risk of cardiovascular deseases. The myth that fish is healthy has (to my knowledge) two sources: the mediterranean and the okinawa diet. Bot both have plenty of other sources for Omega-3 and the okinawan did only cover about 1% of their calories with the consumption of fish which should be roughly about one meal a month.

If he is so worried about the homocystin levels he should maybe look into diets that are naturally low in those values. He also seems to think that beaf is a good source for longevity when methionine is cllearly linked to a much higher risk of cancer. What about inflammation? 

He also seems to be worried about the gylcemic index and seems to think that all carbohydrates are bad to be consumed. This is just a false assumption. While avoiding highly processed food should be aim number one the consumption of whole grain pasta/bread etc is very unlikely to give you any negative results. If you take into account that about 95% of americans are actually deficient in fiber consumption one should really think about adding some whole grains to his diet. Deficiencies here also come with a higher risk for cancer (at least it is correlated).


Before I came to this forum I also thought that IF is of great health benefits but now I highly doubt it. It does not seem like he is doing calorie restriction and the benefits of IF without CR is at least questionable with people ending up with worse insulin resistance and higher glucose levels. Did he perform any "real" fasting? That would be an interesting approach as far as I know.


At the medication part: what is he trying to achieve here? This is just crazy. Lithium? Really? Over here that is a third choice drug for neurologic problems. How does someone think its a good idea to take something like this? Even microdosing LSD or MDMA seems like the smarter choice.


The Prebiotics/Probiotics I am sure are not needed if someone is following a good diet. If you can't feed those bacteria it is very likely that you don't need them. There are exceptions of course when your biome is somehow damaged like after antibiotics or extended fasting periods.


All in all I am really asking myself how he could spend 200k $ on his protocol. I expected at least TA-65 or something  expensive like that.

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