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High DHT, High PRL, High E2. Dopamine and serotonin relation and stack advice

dht prl

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#1 comingsoon

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Posted 02 February 2018 - 04:25 PM

Hey, guys


Today I received a fresh hormone panel blood test result:


TSH 2.936 mME/l 0.400-4.000

T3 Free 4.85 pmol/l 3.80-6.00


T4 Free 11.92 pmol/l 7.70-14.20

LH 7.88 ME/l 1.70-8.60

FSH 5.29 ME/l 0.70-11.10

PRL ↑ 14.86 mcg/l 2.64-13.13

E2 39.0 ng/l 5.0-53.0

Testosterone Total 5.260 mcg/l 2.500-9.500

Testesterone Free 26.38 ng/l 1.00-28.28

DHT 1318 ng/l 135-1365

DHEA-S 4.90 mg/l 0.85-6.90


As you can see DHT, PRL, E2 are high and this makes me a bit concerned. I know that prolactin is a dopamine antagonist and associated with lower dopamine levels and also hear that high DHT and Estradiol can indicate possible prostate issues while DHT can decrease Serotonin and Serotonin receptors. In my case I haven't yet experienced any problems with prostate BUT I have a feeling that I may be slightly low both in dopamine and serotonin and high in norepinephrine. I also have premature ejaculation (which is my MAIN concern - please take a look at this thread for futher info http://www.longecity...advice-needed/)which is often associated with low serotonin levels/receptors. I also have a few premature gray hair (I turned 24 last month) which I hear can be a symptom of low dopamine. So my questions are:


1) Does it look like I may have some hormonal imbalance? Can it result into neurotransmitter imbalance as well?


2) My initial thought was to start DIM to alter Estradiol which may help balancing DHT and PRL and add tyrosine to boost dopamine . Does it sound like a plan? Any other suggestions?




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#2 Believer

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Posted 03 February 2018 - 12:01 AM

Prolactin increases dht (via enhancing 5-alpha reductase enzyme activity in testicles) and decreases estrogen (via reducing aromatase activity). It's not an issue if you don't have low testosterone and men need some prolactin.

Prolactin also increases and stays high for a whole week after ejaculating. I'm going to assume that you masturbate frequently like so many men. If so, this makes perfect sense out of your prolactin levels.

Having high dht naturally is a godsend. I'm envious of you although I've never tested my dht levels.


It seems to me they forgot to test your shbg levels. Shbg binds not only testosterone but also estrogen, dht and many other hormones.

As for prostate issues and high estrogen, take vitamin D and vitamin E, they both lower estrogen and both have effects against enlarged prostate. Besides this they also both seem to increase testosterone (vitamin D most notably).


As for low dopamine and serotonin, this is often total nonsense. As you will find out in the future, dopamine being low is extremely rare in Europeans. The same is perhaps a little less true for serotonin but still it's rare for anyone to have low serotonin.

Europeans have so many mutations that enhance serotonin and dopamine. The enhanced serotonin makes us more socially cohesive, Asians most notably.

Dht greatly enhances dopaminergic activity, estrogen greatly enhances serotonin receptor expression.

A simple way to enhance dopamine greatly is to just not ejaculate for 3 days. It's really that simple.

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