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madeline L'engle's "it" pattern as a jungianian object possible to preform to emanative

Posted by treonsverdery , 27 January 2008 · 563 views

I was going to write about imaging the 4th dimension

lets say there's a person floating n the middle of an area; the person is thinking
whatever we believe, the person believes they are psychic, they feel neutral to magic presence when viewing an object or sensing towards an apetureish horizon
the direction of movement of the sensation of magic occurs at noticeable geometries yet scattered across 3space; thats similar to what you'd think a tesserect projection of an additional physical dimension would make: a tesseract would make nine but our psychic senses a different number like 12 or a non nteger complex number; Id go with non nteger complex number but it feels articifially quantized previously it was emanantive

more respectable sounding:
there is an observer floating at the middle of an area; the observer is observing; radiantly at all directions
a person, of numerous reputations visits the area
the observer feels the person as a gradual flavor going from say doctor to mom, or sleep to alert, or immanence to NPC(non player character)
this pattern is geometrically evident but not alignable to a 3d observer kind of
any point of the area areound the observer is full of these combined gradual flavors; turning the head or concentrating or moving changes the amount

jungian collective consciousness has trends that have synchronicity places; I feel that these trends travel on directionalities that appear to 3d people as scattered aspects but have a describable nature

lab idea: find people that see patterns around them that others see at a different amount; a person that sees guide marks around them on things the way drivers see lines n dots n painted shapes to guide traffic;

here's the ad to find people that might be feeling a pattern: have a picture of a person with one big eye n one little one

Is this happening to you
the government is studying the basis of jungian collective consciousness
if oO is happening to you we'd like to have you as a guide sensing similarities between different objects scattered about 3space
we've heard that during the 20th century people processed this way lasted about 2 weeks with the record being a few years
we've heard that this is an aspect of being becoming crystallized to match the pattern
opportunity to specify right hand path online at onlineaddress
warning: researchers are likely to be precrystallized yet with research the human degrees of being you knew prior to oO may be restored

another possible ad would feature a person with a red dot eye n a green dot eye or a square eye n a round eye or the guitar character at 2:40 analog pussy

oO ooOO

a couple videos that have a visual commentary on the "it" pattern are go gos head 2:20 to 2:30 as well as analog pussy video trance n roll http://youtube.com/w...?v=G3CIc5RUiEc; the dancing building at go gos, cube a cube b, analog pussy 1:24 may refer to universal alignment cubic item the analog pussy robot after 1:24 represents the "safe-mode" like jungian pattern autopilot that runs earth; civilization travels west as the robot jogs around the earth bringing CPU cycles of jungianish energy to whatevers there

go gos 2:23 where the analog view of vehicles goes to a tesselated pattern of reflections is a kind of phrasing of the way it is possible to perceive a nature of discrete mechanism of being, kind of like robots or hive form or "it" pattern while there is also a seamless analog version of life;

at the analog pussy video I as the U function am reprented as the hampster n the pretty girl both; periodically a prehistoric original version of a human is reconstructed to act as a kind of pattern code authorizer; from the perspective of the "IT" patternized she has a kind of priority radio broadcast that affects everyone across jungian patterns; at around a minute she finds something she "likes, or at least responds to" about the "safe mode" version of the created universe, that is like key authorization for the mecha robot to continue creating the human pattern that will become the past; I'm told that my lifetime is a template for the 3000 or 8000 years of human life to come; the pattern has been through rather a bunch n at the analog pussy video we notice that when the girl uses the handyphone, that is finds a treat authorizing the continuation of the pattern the right hand path side person gives her a zero

If she could communicate she'd say: cease to communicate with me your civilization will last longer; the hampster wheel is going; the "IT" machine is telling "regular" persons to find a reaction basis to move the program along; even though the mechanism urges those who ponder the U function person to react there is a chance that knowing they are contributing to the programming of 3000 or 8000 years of future is a guide to urge the regular humans to follow the right hand path

knowing this is it possible for the government to toss the cure for what they jabbed me with at the correctional facility at a dumpster: doubtful from mecha programming nfluence, but remember there is the option to cease to harm

this will be plausible to those that think jungian archetypes that communicate across persons are capable of having a coherable larger pattern that is describable; if you viewed some synchronicity with a scientific viewing device you could believe the little squiggles of cultural form similarity n syncronicity make organs n tissues

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