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Terminate all living things now

Posted by treonsverdery , 28 October 2011 · 2,216 views

The human species has a problem
Three apocalypse weapons or three kill all nonfemale animals as well as kill all nonfemale humans technology
Antibodies to factor 8 as well as other blood clotting factors at the base of the phylogenetic tree
Factor 8 causes blood clotting, finding antibodies to those clotting factors at the earliest place at a phylogenetic tree causes antibody response to blood clotting at a wide variety of species It may be that antibodies to partial areas of the blood clotting factors remove blood clotting ability among nonmammalian species as well. From a military perspective a virus bacteria or immunosensitizing agent that causes unstoppablwe bleeding to rapid death of all males at a population removes combatants. Also noting that the military currently makes an effort to kill people with bloodshed a mass bleeding weapon applied to the general population is an attractive force multiplier that reinforces their methodology rather like a line extension on a service or product. Further as a psychological weapon creatures that spontaneously bleed from ordinary activities may feel particularly unwilling to risk military action. Applying the technology at the base of the phylogenetic tree also terminates all sources of meat.

Proteins have a variety of shapes as well as forms things like alpha helices as well as beta sheets form molecular biology mechanisms Creating particular shapes of protein that intercalate that is nest between important parts of multiform proteins changes their function intercalation microproteins that position at the various hemeglobin as well as heme proteins cause these hemoglobin proteins to cease carrying oxygen causing death. This peptide function is similar to cyanide although the intercalation mechanism is nonmetallic this is producible with virus bacteria or as a protein food that divides at predictable places with the organisms enzymes. Destroying a variety of essential blood proteins this way as low on the phylogenetic tree as possible Kills all species that branch from the phylogenetic base protein killing all creatures with heme, hemoglobin, or hemolymph based blood. A thoughtful weapons technology may say well this is true of a variety of proteins at all forms of life from bacteria on up that gives the opportunity to find those recurring protein shape structures that are most susceptible to intercalation weapons. A linear peptide with regularly spaced blobs that has a codon structure that minimizes ubiquination as well as is created as a distribution from hydrophobic to hydrophilic may be used to find the microproteins that ntercalate most effectively with the least removal at the most susceptible physioproteins at all species. It may be that cytochrome C or common shape forms of all ribosomes have an ntercalation gap lethality protein killing all living things.
Molecular modelling may also create a protein that destroys all blood with an optimized microprotein that is particularly intercalation appropriate to metalloproteins. Cyanide works as it simply is more glomming onto the metal at a variety of metalloproteins like the heme hemoglob hemolymph proteins I think sufficient effort at modeling microproteins that are super glom powerful on metalloproteins creates a new microprotein constructable from virus activity or bacteria that removes the function of metalloproteins. Using molecular modeling software to describe the metalloprotein zapper then coding it at a virus could be a less than $10k US one person effort capable of killing all virally infectable organisms.
Protein based life only functions at a pH range where proteins may be assembled from amino acids all protein chemistry ceases At pH 1 or 14 A technology that changes the entire surface of the earth to pH 14 kills all organic life. An approach to creating this panglobal life killing surface is to modify the process of mineral weathering. Although silicates as well as aluminum hydroxides are of mild ph the gel form of aluminum hydroxide supports simple computational automata type proton movements as well as concentrations of pH creating a hyperbasic surface Gee its like ice9 for minerals only you use a super simple sortation rather than grouping mode to create a chemical effect.

That is 3 apocalypse technologies plus one that will not work. I was sure to specify all mammal as well as bug blood as well as sadly some plant nutrient transport systems

Oct 28 2011 08:34 PM
not an apocalypse technology
bacteria are capable of chemoreception of chemicals produced at other bacteria from a distance or on diffuse contact a weapons virus that permits people their full normal lives that turns virulent as well as lethal on detection of the presence of other bacteria that reside on humans Thus as a military divide n conquor technology creating bacteria that cause humans that meet at more than two or three one a year destroys community based civilization As a military technology applying this to asny group that has person to person contact reduces group size. Only militaries capable of functioning at absolute personal solitude avoid this biological weapon. Note that gradual accumulation of things like cytomegalovirus affect 4/5 of a population Thus a sleeper solitude virus that nondetectably infects all or most of a population can be activated with the particular solitude virus at a later time. Thus the USA nfecting an opposing nation could measure 70 to 80 pt susceptibility from a gradual stealth virus with an activating virus destroying the target society if geopolitical objectives suggested that advantageous Similarly Iran or Israel could stealth infect the world with solitude virus then only launch the potentiator virus or bacteria on a target group

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