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longevity as well as physics notes

Posted by treonsverdery , 13 January 2015 · 1,394 views

longevity physics math
I typed numerous notes on a typing thing, then thought I should upload them It you like longevity technology, physics, possibly math, nootrpics or new technologies you may like reading these Many other files as audio or imaged notes are at https://mega.co.nz/#...82gybPbLAlAFaYAalso https://onedrive.liv...AGHBl-eRM5NIMaE

Technology that benefits the human species

Longevity drug Chloroactivated carbon

Enterosorbent activated carbon is published at peer reviewed literature as creating greater than 3/10 greater longevity Improving that would be comparing halogenated activated carbon with different structural feature size of activated carbons it is possible that there is a receptor effect which would be multiplied with a haloenterosorbent such that the dose was a tenth or hundredth the usual dose creating a one pill longevity drug rather than an enterosorbent meal

Multimodal distribution cholesterol immunization I read that creating immunogenic cholesterol then giving it to ab mammals causes antibodies to cholesterol such that lab mammals have less atherosclerosis Improving that is to note that there ar different forms of cholesterol such that the most optimal ratios between these are the result of simultaneous different immunizations that only partially reduce each kind of cholesterol this produces the most optimized cholesterol histogram to prevent atherosclerosis as well as promote longevity

Longevity technology

Protein variants of royalactin Royalactin is published as causing notably longer mammal longevity at lab mammals I think I read 3/10 longer Variations on the royalactin molecule could have even greater longevity effects Creating these protein variants automatically then comparing their effectiveness automatically creates new longevity protein drugs Use robotic multipipettors to create combinatorial gene variants of royalactin then use gene transfer technologies possibly better than calcium chloride with electrons to transfer the million variants of the royalactin gene just produced to different yeast cytes possibly with a thing like inkjet printing (note 1000 DPI square is actually a million different treated yeasts) Varying the particular codons that code royalactin at millions of different yeast cytes then plating them out at plate culture, then using an automated raster laser scanner like spectroscopy with a computer image sensor notes which on diferent automatic oyalin variants causes yeast to live the longest. After creating the mass screening yeast plate with 1000 columns as well as rows the scientist technologist makes a duplicate fabric press form from the living yeast plate The duplicate is cryogenically stored The computer scanner notes the development of the million variants of the yeast with continuous or periodic imaging to find the areas with the longest lived yeast That variation of royalactin is then noted notably variant versions that also cause greater longevity are then grouped together to produce a variety of new researchable actual protein structures linkable to receptors as well as creating recombinable protein longevity chemicals The most functional of these are then measured to effect at human tissue culture as well as nonhuman lab mammals to create a new human protein drug as well as new germline gene that causes greater human longevity among all humans

Technologist researchers could also just note which mRNA were active as a response to royalactin at what amount then produce siRNA pharmaceuticals with the same effect then verify their longevizing effect these siRNA pharmaceuticals are also describable as a new germline longevity gene

Nootropic Technology modifying synaptic cleft viscosity to improve cognition as well as create new recreational drugs the neurotransmitters that go from the synapse are at a gooey environment making that less gooey of more gooey effects the velocity of neurotransmitter activity as well as it reception amplitude thus drugs that particularly or systemically affect intrcytoplasmic spaces like the synamptic cleft amplify natural neurotransmission effects or drug effects While tween(digitdigit) is different than a pharmaceutical it is possible modified more branched or less branched membrane lipids could be beneficial cognition improving nootropic synaptic cleft viscosity modifiers

The longevity tetrapeptide AEDG epithalon when produced at a probiotic to give mammal greater longevity is a technology combinatorial variants on epithalon could be measured as to effectiveness with yeast as part of creating this longevity probiotic

Notably if epithalon works on mammals yet not on yeast or with differing mechanisms that gives research awareness of possible new longevity mechanisms

Movement as well as dance learning nootropic I saw a published peer reviewed graph of how ampakine nootropics durably improve learning capability even after ceasing using he pharmaceutical at lab mammals thus a motion learning dance nootropic could be caffeine as caffeine actually causes greater motion quickness when a person is on caffeine the ampakine durable learning effect could be to learn quickness creating faster reflexes even absent drugs

Beauty longevity technology I read that kangaroo dermis is 4 times stronger thus finding out the proteins as well as structures that cause that effect gives humans the ability to have 4 times stronger dermal surface as well as stronger connective tissue This is a beauty technology as youthful shape is preserved much longer ultrastrong equally supple internal connective tissue supports wellness as well as ultradurable function

Retrocausal laser tweezer landscapes move matter Retrocausal photons are described at Wikipedia at delayed quantum choice eraser I think that if they have the photons be part of optical lasertweezers midprocess they could move matter (observed or otherwise) then note the ability to quantifiably relocate matter at previous chronological moments. Improving that would be an optical tweezer landscape that creates an actual retrocausally modified surface or form then grouping reactive atoms together which only coalesce to react with retrocausality produces new chemical potential energy at prechronological moments that is New Energy stored at previousness prerealizable at the technologists Now

Hypersurface electron spreadsphere at nature graph

If hypergeometries are already a part of measurable nature or physics this is how to find them First consider a hypersphere or hypercube Then think about how electrons at a 3d volumetric surface space evenly (like van de graaf bulb) What then is the actual graphed location of electrons at the surface of hypersphere of hypercube The 3d version of this could actually look anisotropic or anomalously concentrated thus find existing forms at nature with these particular electron surface distributions also find the simplest hypergeometry that produces an anomalous of hyperconcentration of electrons from a 3d rather than hypergeometry perspective (what would a hypergeometry soliton look like? Then see if there are natural preexisting phenomena that have that 3d distribution of electrons) That electrical shape represents an electron arrayed geometrical hypersurface

Create a similar thing artificially then measure around it to see if any are showing greater than 3d linkages

When the electrons also move at the hypersurface the way they would at an actual hypergeometry object then an all electron hyperspace geometry form is produced it is possible this could be linkable to the production of higher than 3d electrical effects like motioning electrons at one area causes them to motion at a different area

Erotic sunny day shapes through translucent fabric fabrics near light could have weave or depth or even embossed microfelt that makes beautiful erotic shapes when illuminated at a transmissive angle

Scientific calculator or app with buttons that light up at a sequence to teach calculation sequences sometimes learning chemistry or engineering there are noted calculator sequences Math software is better yet scientific calculators with sequentially illuminated buttons that improve learning practice are beneficial I think this already exists at musical instruments

Photovoltaic peltier effect birdbath the peltier effect module causes coolness condensing water which keeps the birdbath full of fresh water

Water absorptive linens dryer uses nonpeak electricity The moist fabric has its moisture absorbed at pads outside the rotating area then during nonpeak electricity moments the dryer warms away the moisture if there are lots of sequential dryings then it just goes with current moment electricity the pads are a variety of hygroscopic materials

Replicate highest beneficialness prenatal practices I read that at differing areas some of the areas have high quality infant wellness so there are places at USA that are better than some places at Sweden The big data version o this is finding which prenatal wellness practices are more effective than the national average of the area with the highest quality then have medical professionals at both Sweden as well as US measure the difference of improvement actually the differential of improvement to describe new forms of prenatal care that are better than those of either or both regions I read that xenobiotics affect pregnancy thus one version of new prenatal care could include mild exercise with preferred normal foods that upmodulate p450 enzymes that are among the enzymes the body uses to neutralize xenobiotics upmodulating the p450 enzymes with vegetable foods reduces actual quantified circulating amounts of xenobiotics The mild exercise is quantitatively linked to more rapid neutralization of xenobiotics

Natural sources of tocopherols could be linked to a study I read where more tocopherols reduced lab mammal response to breathed vehicle fume similar or equivalents

Thus voluntary first or second trimester mild exercise with a personal timed snack machine featuring tocopherol rich foods at the dwelling could be the kind of new prenatal care that is measurable as improving baby wellness even at the highest wellness areas Those improvements are then propagated throughout the world

Laser illuminated festive hummingbird feeder with sugarfloss synthetic bugs

I heard that some birds eat bugs so have a computer guided mechanism toss microblobs of sugarfloss up at the air regularly is a new kind of hummingbird feeder the sugarfloss could have vitamins as well. While the hummingbird is noshing on the sugarfloss lasers could illuminate it causing it to be notably vividly colored thus even more thrilling to view

Original light frequency color richness improves aesthetic capability even at pastels creating new kinds of color toner particles where the toner particle is actually a Fresnel like optically surfaced object creates frequency specific color another improvement is to have the toner particles filled with argon or krypton or even xenon to have much greater mass directed locationability during process they go where the printer prefers then drift less

Festive occasion tesseract or hypersphere decorations like lawn decorations shows the motion of a 4d tree growing or an airplane flying through hyperspace Wkipedia or other online material has animations of hyperspheres Making hyperspatial geometry festive displays improves hypergeometry comprehension also noting that hypergeometries could be linked to retrocausality having festive displays about retrocausally visiting famous previous persons then guiding them to avoid death so they could communicate more of their beliefs to the future gives many people an urge to rescue the past to improve the now

Digital occlusion mapper improved dental CADCAM Completely digital dentistry is beneficial as better than human capability becomes an automated process at greater affordability Digital occlusion mapping along with using quantum linked photons to depth image tissue of a person eating is then software utilized to perfectly remap the preferred mouth as a functional as well as cosmetic product

I read about a magnetically levitated frog The maglev frog size suggests that Maglev angioplasty is possible that is a very high pulsed magnetic field placed through a meissner effect (magnetic field line moving) aperture (possibly grouped as the opposite of the binomat) could squish plaque internally without surgery to create surgeryless angioplasty

Noting the way the schrodinger equation is thought predictive of the hydrogen atom while the Everett many worlds interpretation of physics describes a plurality numerous branch universes It is then ethically beneficial to figure out if the MWI is functional which goes with measuring the actual validity of the schrodinger equation Thus microcharacterizing the hydrogen atom with relativistic neutrons creates neutrons that go from spheroidal to diskish along a particular direction then beaming those eentsy side sideways causes the hydrogen atoms perspective to have numerous eentsy side neutrons whizzing near it kind of like compass directions the greater eentsiness of the neutrons gives higher equivalent spatial resolution of observation or scanning than a hydrogen atom thus describing the hydrogen atom at greater than atom resolution If there are any variations like halonucleus or some radius distance effect (when is zooming neutron near a proton not a deuterium atom it could be radius responsive effect) any of these could cause a rewrite of the scrodinger equation thus also modifying the MWI

I saw a product that said save the boobies I think they could go with save the boobies breastfeed as what the product says

So are they feeding dairy mammals beneficial prechemicals like pre omega 3 lipids as flaxstraw or a uridine containing plant possibly a legume to strongly produce the uridine nootropic I read about at Life Extension Foundation California, USA.

Improving baby wellness What chemicals modify gestation length are there naturally occurring materials that cause longer gestation They could see if beneficial foods or plants lengthen gestation improving baby wellness as a new part of voluntary prenatal awareness

Quantum stabilized atom petroleum drills Quantum stabilized atoms are linked atom groups of multimodal atom quantum concentrations I saw an image of how a partial circle of aluminum atoms causes nodal quantum overlap near the center the virtual atom at the cofocalization of the fields had the functionality of a chlorine atom so a number of atoms combined part of their fields to create a synthetic atom effect now think of each of the aluminum atoms being activated with a laser either warmed or cooled with laser cooling Then the synthetic atomefffect at the center could be made less reactive or more reactive with either laser cooling the aluminum atoms or warming them That gives the ability to adjust with lasers the activity of the artificial chlorine atom perhaps it could go beyond fluorine or be as mild as carbon Then nanoarranging a few hundred of these laser adjusted quantum stabilized atoms creates a core group of adjustable atoms which can be made hyperreactive or hyperimpervious thus this creates a new kind of AFM tip or possibly a nanoassembler variable purpose stylus that can be a part of, catalyze, or direct atom atom reactions Now that technology uses the virtual chlorine atom from a partial circle of aluminum atoms I think you could also place n actual atom at the cofocalization to create even greater effectiveness the atom would be at a slight dip at the height of a peak of overlapping fields Then the quantm stabilizd atom could have a wider variety of capabilities because it could have nucleophilic of nucleophobic (nucleus liking or nucleus avoiding) capabilities as well Thus creating groups of these actual partially circled actual atoms then laser cooling their support atoms gives them greater strength, they could move around at a physical surface with less rubbing away so placing them at the outer surface of an object would cause the object to be stronger s well as be able to actively adapt with laser optics to variations of coolness warmth or pressure on the quantum stabilizd atom This technology improves with quantum linked photons at the laser cooling New Scientist magazine describes a quantum camera where one laser beam become two different beams of photons at a beamsplitter then when some of the quantum linked photons meet a figurine the measured photons at the optical detector have the graphic shape of the figuring without an optical reflective or transmissive pathway I have read that a plurality of photons are quantum linkable together so it is possible one figurine meeting photon could be linked to 5 or 14 or possibly a few million other photons Using the quantum linked photons to laser cool the partial circle of aluminum atoms gives each one 5 14 or a million atoms of quantum linked nonperturbability causing the center quantum stabilized atom to be vastly more reconfigurable as well as hundreds or millions of times less motionally perterbable That goes well with nanoassemblers or creating ultraimpervious surfaces that are able to be programmed to do chemistry or radiate energy from their surfaces

So then I thought along with surfaces that could make customized motions of gases or air or be ultra impervious surfaces that could trvel through the air this could create ultra strong drilling surfaces I think high energy radiographic photons could be quantum linked to visible ight photons so that modulating a visible light shape at a figurine could cause the high energy radiographic photons to spatially function at the aluminum atoms partially circling the quantum stabilized (or synthetic) atom thus if you go froma partial circle to a partial sphere, then nested concentrics each with a different photon focal area reach a very large regular geometry to make a plurality of photonically adjusted atoms that contribute to the field shape around the quantum stabilized multiatom geometry

Improving vehicle efficiency with arial pretravellers a vehicle travelling has aerodynamics if there were two aerodynamic shapes zooming ahea of it to create laminar flow as well as reduce vibration the energy efficiency would go up Thus having the vehicle make EM witricity which then provides energy to the nonconnected aerodynamic forms improves vehicle efficiency there could also be afterforms as well as preforms which function to pull the turbulent layer away from the vehicle also improving efficiency

Fabric washing machine that alert humans of potential benefits or risks Raman spectroscopy views washwater to note chemicals to do early diagnosis you could just get a wifi module then place it at a regular existing washer it would upload all the chemicals it noticed to an online database as well as an expert system AI that noticed any physiovariations to make early beneficial diagnosis

Genetically modified Kelp grow on water to preferred lengths then dry to be structurally strong humans then make floating objects or dwellings

Genetically engineer a delicious edible plant leaf that produces oral sunscreen I read that there are peptides that reduce cyclooxygenase II activity noting that aspirin is published as reducing erythema from UV light it is possible that these are SPF equivalent peptides which as a result of reducing UV response are also new oral beauty peptides This could also be an effect of the particular different enzyme that a plant called boswellia also modulates Those peptides optimized to oral availability along with possibly transparent UV reflective carotenoids (I read there are also blue carotenoids so UV reflecting carotenoids could be possible) along with other published oral sunscreens could be produced at plant leaves both duckweed which doubles mass every 24 hours as well as tree leaves to create a new beauty plant People could also just prefer the GI tract probiotic bacteria which make the oral sunscreen equivalent chemicals Then make a version of that probiotic bacteria that is more naturally prevalent than other versions of the same bacterial species possibly as a result of the new bacteria producing siRNA that cause other members of the same bacterial species to grow at a different velocity

Thus causing the beauty probiotic to have highest continuing natural prevalence It could also make BFP (like GFP) so presence or nonpresence at GI tract is immediately discernible from poo

Surfboard with sidecrevices that stow a light polymer paddle to make going out to the waves much more rapid

Sideways regenerative braking Regenerative braking gathers energy from motion shift I think it is possible to gain energy from sideways direction motions a round rotating thing with springs or linear motor generators at either side will prefer to remain unsideways motion then will compress the side springs creating electrical energy Having linear motors as generators rather than side springs is a more effective form If it is another 2 parts per 100 that is 10 or 20 million vehicles of fuel saving annually globally

The not at the handyphone says sexy laminar flow pleasant water rinse

Microacoustic surface feels better than scratching If a person rubs a cab it is more harmless than angling fingernails against a scab then rubbing It is possible to measure human responsiveness to a variety of microdepth acoustics to find something that feels better that is more pleasurable than scratching yet is absent harm to the body surface

It pattern IL system technology I noticed a thing similar to Jungian synchronization with a similarity to M l’engles IT another human said there was a system the called IL I think there could be an antidote to the mental perspective that causes awareness of that pattern Previous civilizations that simply had few things around could have had a material that accomplished this So perhaps making alarge computr database then doing a marix comparison of feeding humans each of the 10,000 ish things that eegyptiion pyyramidists were aware of could find out if any of these directly reduced the parnrmal awareness effects of having been fed human flesh

Candy panning with progressive sweetness Some candy is made with gradually accumulated layers with candy panning Candy thtt is even more delicious would have the amount of hypersweetener like acesulfame K or thaumatin gradually shift during candy panning so that as the candy is enjoyed the sweeness as well as flavor remains constant or even improves

Improved learning at privte universities as well as private colleges I read that the per hour fiscal value of highly thought of private colleges is also quite high about a per lecture hour equivalent to many degreed professionals Tht suggests that the tuition be reapportionable to ultaqualified private tutors as teleprsence or even live presence where th quantified measurement of successful learning guides the students preference That way they can get 1 on 1 teaching at any university subject if it is quantifiably measured as more effective than group lecture while maintaining the acrreditiation as well as the sociocultural meaning of the esteemed private university. Its ike café benefits tutor or lecture is permitted when it is notably more effective at the majority of the student distribution than lecture online resources thus make a effort to create more learning effective product than the the highest quality university group lectures ffectiveness to earn funds

A different version of acquiring things locally to benefit a community Create software that finds the highest similarity place where what a person is seeking online is findable Then the software aquires that from the highy culturally similar place it like aquire things globally whie supporting local equivalent cultures

This technology could produce large mounts of light emitting glowing trash

Consider an RFID shape conductor made form aluminized mylar like a candywrapper this is a RF antenna as well as capacitor then put a LED or quantum dot emitter to create a 3¢ light mitting candywrapper or beverage container Note LEDs with acryic as well as metal are 3¢ each so just spreading out the polymer then aluminizing the acrylic then making it be RFID like antenna as well as capacitor shaped is a highly similar technology

Magnetic Halbach array magnetic tripod I read about the halbach array a group of 7ish parquet magnets most durable (like neodymium Fe B) some EM that have a strong magnetic field at just one direction if one or two of the parquet elements are electromagnetically adjusted then the larger magnetic effet varies use this as a magnetic floaty tripod at imaging notably handyphones as the actual camera sensor is nonvibrating compared with the camera body To minimize mass it is possible to go all EM witht eh halbach array

Puffed wood fiber products Think of gas expansion Styrofoam Then think of doing this with wood fiber to create pringles like puffed woodfiber things with high quality engineering characterizations as well as CADCAM models The material fiberpuffs at a form tto create the preferred shape with known characteristics

Viewig the gathering of water at areas I noticed the attractive curves shapes it was making reminding me of the curves of a beautiful woman I think a sculptor could create flowing moving water sculpture with similar contours purposefully

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