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W calmodulin modifying biological weapon

Posted by treonsverdery , 22 July 2016 · 681 views

calmodulin biological weapon cas9 r2d2 genetic

Calmodulin a protein that effects calcium ions. It is a highly conserved protein at eukaryotic species, with numerous different species having genetically as well as protein area same or similar areas.
There is much research on calmodulin genetic modification of calmodulin genes at mammals is published. Genetic engineeerng protocols exist about clamodulin
Genetic weapons that disrupt calmodulin cause death at all eukaryotes It is possible to emphasize death at blastocyst or earlier, precluding new organisms as well.
It is possible that R2D2 also cas9 technologies could spread new lethal calmodulin genes among existing bodies causing death. A vector approach (a biological vector is a thing that spreads disease) would be to genetically engineer the normal, persistent bacteria of the lungs to do the R2D2 also cas9 gene activity to produce durable contnual effect on the body. It is also possible that dental caries could have durable continual genetic engineering effect at the body

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