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Urban Olympics

Posted by Luminosity , in Personal 01 March 2012 · 276 views

errands car registration city dmv traffic urban olympics
I got my P.O. Box rent paid with two hours to spare. There was an unusual amount of oncoming traffic but I cut through it with the patience of other the drivers. I put a check in the mail. I got some baby carrots to eat later. I went to the suburbs where the city office is usually not crowded. There was a crazy roadwork project that blocked off the highway exit. I cut through stopped up oncoming traffic and went in a back way. It wasn't recommended but I did make it. At the city office there was a line with ten people out the door because it was the end of the month. There was one hour 'til closing. I went and got my wheelchair cause I didn't want to stand up for that long. When you do get inside, they have a sign saying they only accept cash or checks. I had that. I got my registration renewed with twenty minutes to spare. I got a burger and went to eat it on the waterfront. Two entrances to the waterfront were blocked by the crazy roadwork project. For six months they have been having men and heavy equipment do something indiscernible to a sidewalk bordering an empty lot next to the freeway. I pulled over to a side street to eat. A guy walking his dog looked at me like I was suspicious. Yes, I am eating baby carrots, what of it? They were kind of fermented.

I have six hours to put my registration sticker on my car. I carry a scalpel in my car to slash it with.

It was kind of like an urban olympics and I made it. When I was younger that wasn't always the case, but now I'm wise to the ways of the world.

I came to the mall. I got some things at Whole Foods. Now I'm here.

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